Pirallahi Industrial Park

Pirallahi Industrial Park was established in 2016. This was under the Decree №2336 dated September 14, 2016 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The main focus for this park is the development of pharmaceutical sector enterprises. This is in order to reduce the dependence of imported products.

Mingachevir Industrial Park

Mingachevir Industrial Park was established under the Decree №1077 dated February 26, 2015 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The objective is to develop non-oil based industries, especially light industry. The location is in the north of the country and close to the Russian and Georgian borders. It currently hosts just one tenant. …

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Balakhani Industrial Park

Azerbaijan – Balaxanı Sənaye Parkı Balakhani Industrial Park was set up at the end of 2011 and is managed by Tamiz Shahar Open Stock Company in Azerbaijan. A number of enterprises have supposed to have been established there. Around seven hectares have been established with tenants. Private around Baku Tour: Main sights around Baku – …

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Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park

Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park is located 32.5 km from Baku. According to the Main Plan the park will include agro-industrial products, chemicals, electronics, automotive, polymers and industrial equipment production. Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park LLC, which is under the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan, is a managing organization of Sumgait Chemical Industrial Park, …

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Port of Baku

The Port of Baku is situated at the crossroads of the modern Silk Road and major transportation corridors. Our vision is to become the major intermodal logistics hub at the heart of Eurasia. Our mission is to contribute directly to the sustainable growth and diversification of Azerbaijan’s economy by developing a world-class port. The port …

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