Eco Business Park V

Eco Business Park V comes with a comprehensive range of eco-friendly features. These components not only help businesses save on energy and resources, they also reduce the park’s overall carbon footprint.

We are able to customize the business space based on your requirement. It allows business owners to utilise their units in a variety of ways, be it as a retail outlet, a warehouse, an office or a factory.

EcoWorld Eco Business Park V has all the tools you need to get your business going with our proprietary One-Stop Business Solution – an exclusive range of services that helps owners set up their business, and settle into Eco Business Park.

Additional Details

  • Total area: 518 acres (117 acres for industrial – West Gate)
  • Plot sizes: 3 acres and above
  • Key industrial sectors: Food & Beverages ­ Metal & Machinery ­ Biomedical, Electrical & Electronics
  • Security: Well-trained security guards & auxiliary police 24-hour CCTV surveillance at strategic locations Grand entrance statement with 2-in and 2-out lanes to ease traffic & provide better stock management
  • Airport: 64 km to KLIA
  • Dormitory accommodation: West Gate is also equipped with worker dormitories a short distance away from the industrial lots