Saudi Arabia

Damman Third
Dammam Third Industrial City
Dammam Third Industrial City was constructed in 2012 and covers an area of up to...
King Abdulaziz International Airport Jeddah Saudi Arabia
King Abdulaziz International Airport
King Abdulaziz International Airport is located in Jeddah and is the main Saudi international...
مدينة سدير الصناعية Sudair Industrial City Saudi Arabia
Sudair Industrial City
Sudair Industrial City is a 258 square kilometre planned city which started development...
jazan economic city saudi-arabia
Jazan Economic City
Jazan Economic City (JEC) is one of the four intelligent cities to be developed in...
Saudi Arabia Al-Madinah Al-Munawwara Industrial City
Al-Madina Al-Munawwara Industrial City
Al-Madina Al-Munawwara Industrial City opened in 2003 and is near the city of Medina,...
al-ahsaindustrial city 2 saudi arabia
Al-Ahsa Second Industrial City
Al-Ahsa Second Industrial City is considered one of the biggest potential industrial...
Damman second industrial city
Dammam Second Industrial City
Dammam Second Industrial City is one of the larger industrial estates in Saudi Arabia...
King Fahd International Airport
King Fahd International Airport serves Dammam, Saudi Arabia. The airport is located...
King Khalid International Airport Riyadh
King Khalid International Airport
King Khalid International Airport is located 35 kilometres north of the Saudi Arabian...
The 1st. Industrial city of Jeddah was established in 1393 (1973) in five phases beginning with the first stage on an area of half a million square meters to the total area of the industrial city of more than 12 million square meters. The city houses global industries, including cleaning products factory (CLOROX), factory for Food Industries ( AMERICANA) and a factory for industrial projects in Saudi Arabia (Pepsi-Cola).
Jeddah First Industrial City
Jeddah First Industrial City was established in 1973 culminating in a total area...
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