Proton City


Proton city malaysia perak : Bandar Proton 赛普顿城 プロトンシティ 프로톤 시티 โปรตอน ซิตี้ प्रोटॉन सिटी Протон-Сити

Proton City, spanning 4,000 acres in Muallim District, Perak, Malaysia, is a progressive township integrating industrial, commercial, and residential zones. Central to its identity is the state-of-the-art RM1.8 billion Proton car assembly plant, positioning it as a vital player in Malaysia’s automotive landscape.

Initiated in 1996 by Proton City Development Corp Sdn Bhd, a joint venture of DRB-Hicom Bhd and Proton Bhd, the project began with a RM2.5 billion investment. With a committed completion target of 2020, Proton City aspires to become the nucleus of Malaysia’s automobile industry. The population is projected to reach 240,000 upon full development.

Residential and Educational Offerings

Recent milestones include the handover of 252 apartments, forming the foundation of Proton City’s residential landscape. These units feature diverse amenities such as parking facilities, playgrounds, BBQ areas, and religious and educational institutions. Future developments include extensive housing options, ensuring a vibrant community.

Proton City is set to host Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI), attracting students and staff to its sprawling 800-acre campus. UPSI’s anticipated student population of 20,000 within four years underscores Proton City’s role as a comprehensive township catering to diverse needs.

Industrial Growth and Infrastructure at Proton City

The upcoming industrial phase involves the construction of 81 factory lots for Proton’s vendors, further cementing its significance in the automotive supply chain. Provisions for public amenities, including schools, mosques, parks, and wetlands, showcase a holistic approach to community development.

Proton City stands out for its commitment to modern living. A sophisticated command center monitors smart home systems, ensuring an advanced living experience. Intelligent traffic control, telemedicine, e-commerce, and a range of “k-society” amenities define Proton City’s progressive vision.

Future Prospects

Proton City’s trajectory aligns with Malaysia’s ambitions to be a regional automotive hub by 2027. Strategic plans involve accommodating 50,000 residents in Tanjung Malim, heralding a significant shift in the regional automotive landscape. Proton-Geely’s additional investments underscore the region’s potential, with expectations reaching up to RM32 billion.

As the property arm of DRB-HICOM, Glenmarie Properties contributes to Proton City’s success. With a legacy of excellence in residential, commercial, and industrial developments, Glenmarie Properties continues to shape Malaysia’s property market with innovation and timeless creations.

Proton City emerges not just as a township but as a visionary endeavor shaping the future of Malaysia’s automotive industry and community living. Its comprehensive approach, coupled with strategic partnerships, positions it as a key player in the nation’s economic landscape.

Additional Details for Proton City

  • Total area: 238.4 acres
  • Plot sizes: Minimum size of 2-acre lots
  • Developer: DRB Hicom Berhad
  • Key industrial sectors: Automotive
  • Tenants: Main tenant is Proton Plant
  • Seaport: 108 km to Port Klang
  • Airport: 129 km to KLIA