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Hambantota Port Commences First Container Transshipment Service with MSC

13 April 2024 –   Link to Fibre2Fashion article

Hambantota International Port (HIP) has launched its first container transshipment service in partnership with the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC). The MV ‘MSC Ingrid’ recently unloaded over 500 TEUs of transshipment containers at HIP, destined for further transit to the vessel ‘MSC Sky 11’ on April 16. Originating from Rotterdam Port, this inaugural shipment bound for Dubai marks a significant step for HIP in enhancing regional maritime connectivity on the east-west shipping route. Johnson Liu, CEO of Hambantota International Port Group (HIPG), hailed this achievement, emphasizing HIPG’s commitment to expanding infrastructure and fostering Sri Lanka’s role as a key regional hub. COO Tissa Wickremasinghe highlighted the benefits for investors in the Port Industrial Zone, positioning HIP as a vital gateway and transshipment port.

Sri Lanka Industrial Overview

The manufacturing sector of Sri Lanka holds significant potential, contributing approximately 27% to the island nation’s GDP and employing over 1.5 million individuals. Industrial estates play a crucial role in fostering this growth by providing essential infrastructure and support services to manufacturers. However, the sector faces various challenges that require strategic navigation for sustainable development.

Industrial Estates: A Platform for Growth:

The country boasts over 20 designated industrial estates spread across the country, offering land, utilities, and support services to diverse industries. Notably, the Export Processing Zones (EPZs) have been instrumental in attracting foreign investment and boosting exports. The zones offer significant concessions like tax breaks and relaxed regulations, making them competitive in the global market.

However, challenges exist within the estate system. Concerns regarding aging infrastructure, limited space availability, and bureaucratic hurdles remain prevalent. Additionally, some estates struggle to attract diverse industries beyond garment manufacturing, limiting the sector’s overall growth potential.

Diversifying Manufacturing in Sri Lanka

While the garment industry remains a significant contributor, the country’s manufacturing sector seeks diversification. Initiatives to promote high-value sectors like ICT, pharmaceuticals, and food processing are underway. Establishing specialized industrial zones catering to these industries could attract targeted investments and create higher-skilled jobs.

Environmental sustainability is increasingly crucial for Sri Lanka’s industrial sector. Implementing eco-friendly practices within estates, encouraging renewable energy adoption, and promoting responsible waste management are vital steps. Embracing sustainable practices not only reduces environmental impact but also enhances competitiveness in the global market, where responsible sourcing is gaining traction.

Navigating the Future in Sri Lanka

The country’s industrial estate system has been a key driver of manufacturing growth. However, continued progress requires addressing existing challenges and embracing strategic transformations. Diversifying industries, prioritizing sustainability, and fostering innovation are crucial to ensure the sector’s long-term success and create a vibrant and globally competitive manufacturing landscape in Sri Lanka.

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