Hi-Tech Kabin Industrial Park

Hi-Tech Kabin Industrial Estate is situated on 1,721,460 square meter land. The project site is expected to develop and ready to become one of the most advanced and self-contained industrial Estate in Thailand. For the convenience of investors and factories owners in the project, Hi-Tech Kabin
Industrial Estate provides standard infrastructure and facilities including, road and water system, telephone lines and central waste water treatment plant and future designated power substation.

We strongly believe in the environmental friendly approach to the development of Hi-Tech Kabin Industrial Estate, therefore all the above mentioned facilities and infrastructures will give well deserved attention to their impact on the local and the surrounding environment.

Strong Points of the Project in Hi-Tech Kabin Industrial Estate

We are only IEAT associated Estate and clients with following privileges:

  • Compact size means will receive proper management
  • The combination of industrial activities and natural surroundings provide freshness. It has specially selected trees in the “LANDSCAPE TERRITORY” and roadways around the project.
  • Contoured landscape and strong soil help to save foundation costs for construction.
  • Enough water supplies from rain water and waste water treatment