Indra Industrial Park

Thailand - อินทรา อินดัสเตรียล พาร์ค

indra industrial park インドラ工業団地、タイ 인드라산업단지, 태국 印度拉工业园,泰国 مدينة إندرا الصناعية، تايلاند Индустриальный парк Indra, Таиланд

Indra Industrial Park is located in In Buri district which is located north of Ayutthaya and has access to both the northern cities of Thailand as well as the Bangkok, Thailand’s largest city and capital. The population of In Buri is around 60,000 and provides an adequate pool of workers.

Opened at the beginning of the new millennium, the industrial estate is popular with Japanese manufacturers and local Thai companies.

Indra Industrial Park is a popular choice for businesses that are looking to set up or expand their operations in Thailand. The park has a good track record of attracting foreign investment and is home to a number of well-known companies, such as Toyota, Honda, and Sumitomo.

In addition to its industrial advantages, Indra Industrial Park also has a number of other amenities, including a golf course, a hospital, and a shopping mall. This makes it a desirable place to live and work for both expatriates and Thais alike.

If you are considering setting up or expanding your business in Thailand, Indra Industrial Park is a good option to consider. The park has a number of advantages, including a strategic location, good infrastructure, and a variety of investment incentives.

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Tenants at Indra Industrial Park

Kotobuki Die Casting (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Kotobuki Die Casting, established in Thailand since 1996, specializes in aluminum die-casting and machining of aluminum parts. It serves various industries including automotive, motorcycles, outboard motors, and automotive air conditioning pipe fittings. The company emphasizes producing environmentally friendly parts and holds certifications for quality (ISO9001:2015) and environmental management (ISO14001:2015) systems.

With a workforce of 350 employees as of February 2022, the company prioritizes customer-centric product creation in line with its quality assurance policy. This policy emphasizes the Quality First Principle, ensuring quality from the initial process and implementing quality control involving all employees. The company’s business segment includes aluminum die casting for outboard motors, motorcycles, automotive parts, and more.

Single Point Engineering Co., Ltd.

Single Point Engineering specializes in manufacturing plastic and metal components tailored to customer requirements and orders. Their manufacturing processes encompass lathe cutting, drilling, threading, grooving, polishing, and rinsing using computer-controlled machines, ensuring precision below 3 microns.

The company has significantly invested in equipment and human resource development to establish itself as a leader in producing high-precision components for various sectors, including HDD, cameras, photographic accessories, aircraft components, medical appliances, and automotive parts, meeting customer expectations effectively.

Founded in 1997 and commencing production in 1998, the company has received recognition from the Board of Investment (BOI). It holds certifications for Quality Management Systems (ISO9001:2015 and IATF16949:2016) and Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001:2015), assuring customers of product quality and service excellence for utmost satisfaction.

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