Telisai Industrial Park

Brunei - Taman Perindustrian Telisai

Telisai Industrial Park brunei Taman Perindustrian Telisai, Brunei 文莱泰利赛工业园 ブルネイのテリサイ工業団地 브루나이 텔리사이 산업단지 حديقة تليساي الصناعية في بروناي

Telisai Industrial Park in Brunei serves medium and heavy industry, emphasizing advanced agriculture and agri-food processing clusters. The park promotes inland aquaculture activities. Tutong District, covering 1,166 square kilometers, is one of Brunei’s four districts, with an administrative center in Pekan Tutong and notable natural attractions like Tasek Merimbun. Brunei stands out in the region with the least number of taxes, exempting individuals from personal income tax and businesses from export, sale, payroll, and manufacturing taxes.

Potential for Telisai Industrial Park in aquaculture

The aquaculture sector is a rapidly growing industry, with estimated potential revenue of at least B$200 million by 2023. Specific areas like a 200-hectare shrimp culture space in Telisai and a 40-hectare eco-aquaculture park in Sungai Paku are designated for shrimp farming. The government provides essential amenities and support facilities, emphasizing technology verification and development for the aquaculture sector’s sustainable growth.


Additional Details for Telisai Industrial Park

  • Total area: 2,808 hectares
  • Year opened: Greenfield
  • Key industrial sectors: Light-Heavy industries. Food related industries (possibly aquaculture, agriculture, horticulture)
  • Seaport: 81 km to Muara Port
  • Airport: 67 km to Brunei International Airport
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