Kawasan Industri Medan


PT. Kawasan Industri Medan Sumatra Indonesia Industrial estate Kawasan Industri Medan 棉兰工业区 メダン工業地域 메단 산업 지역 منطقة صناعية ميدان

PT Kawasan Industri Medan (KIM), a State-Owned Enterprise, was founded in 1988 as an industrial estate management service business sector1. Its ownership structure includes the Government of Indonesia (60%), North Sumatra Province (30%), and the Medan City Government (10%). Strategically situated in Medan, the third-largest city in Indonesia, KIM encompasses 780 hectares, with ongoing land development to cater to the burgeoning interest of investors in the North Sumatra Province.

KIM’s strategic location is a notable advantage, being merely 10 kilometers from Medan’s center, approximately 15 kilometers from Belawan Harbor, and conveniently close to the Belmera Toll Gate, which ensures excellent accessibility via well-connected roads. The industrial estate is home to around 495 companies, encompassing a spectrum from small to medium-scale industries, both local and international in nature.

Vision and Facilities at  Kawasan Industri Medan

KIM holds a visionary perspective of evolving into an industrial estate driven by responsible environmental practices while furnishing business amenities and infrastructures that augment value for both stakeholders and shareholders. It stands as an attractive investment destination for both local and foreign investors, offering conducive conditions for growth and development.

KIM extends its services to encompass the rental of office buildings and multifunctional warehouses. For companies seeking office spaces within the estate, KIM provides rental options that facilitate operational activities2. To support industrial and production activities, especially in the distribution domain, KIM offers multifunctional warehouses for lease.

Prime Location and Comprehensive Facilities

Notably, KIM benefits from its strategic positioning, facilitated by its proximity to the Belawan Seaport (15 km) and Kualanamu International Airport (20 km). It boasts comprehensive facilities, including provisions for water, gas, healthcare services, and commercial zones2. Embracing modernization, KIM has introduced an online application that enables partner industries to monitor the estate’s operations in real-time. With over 30 years of experience, PT KIM’s competent support contributes significantly to the endeavors of partner industries.

KIM’s development journey is marked by phases, with the initial stage encompassing an area of approximately 200 hectares. The subsequent phase, known as Medan Industrial Estate (Phase II), covers an expansive 325 hectares. This phase features meticulous planning and infrastructure, characterized by well-structured main roads, secondary roads, and underground utilities, including water, wastewater, gas, electricity, and telecommunication lines.

Diverse Industrial Output at Kawasan Industri Medan

Industries within KIM harness the region’s rich natural resources, yielding an array of products. Notable outputs include palm oil and its derivatives, rubber, chocolate, coffee, tea, agricultural products, seafood, cold storage, fish canning, food and beverage, forest products, furniture, and steel construction1.

In conclusion, PT Kawasan Industri Medan (KIM) has solidified its status as an essential player in the industrial landscape, owing to its strategic location, well-planned facilities, and commitment to sustainable practices. Through its continuous growth and development, KIM remains an appealing hub for diverse industries, both local and international, seeking an environment conducive to expansion and innovation.

Additional Details for Kawasan Industri Medan

  • Total area: 780 hectares
  • Land available: 100 hectares
  • Electricity supply: Capacity 120 MW
  • Wastewater treatment: Available
  • Water supply: 18,000 m3/day
  • Internal road system: Main Road (width) 60m Secondary Road (width) 18m
  • Seaport: 15 km (Belawan Seaport)
  • Airport: 20 km (Kualanamu International AirPort)
  • Nearest population centre: Medan 10km
  • Ready built factories: Building specifications – Area of warehouse: 729m2 (18m x 32m Uk.) – Office of ground floor area of 126 m2 – Office floor area of 132 m2
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Tenants at Kawasan Industri Medan

PT. Aneka Gas Industri, Tbk – Medan

PT Samator Indo Gas Tbk (formerly PT Aneka Gas Industri Tbk “AGII”) is Indonesia’s leading industrial gas company, boasting the largest and most extensive network in the country. With over 100 years of experience, the company operates 55 plants and 103 filling stations across 29 provinces, offering a wide range of industrial gas products and services. AGII produces, markets, and sells various gases, including Specialty and Rare Gases, while also providing construction and installation services for gas distribution. Serving sectors such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Infrastructure, AGII is a trusted partner committed to delivering top-quality service and fostering growth with clients.

P.T. Growth Sumatra Industry

Growth Sumatra Industry supplies steel products for construction, mining, and re-rollers worldwide. Growth Round Bar Bright Shafting Bars are cold drawn for dimensional stability and produced on five dedicated drawing lines under strict quality controls, ensuring consistency and conformity to regional and international standards.

As a leading global manufacturing foundry, Growth Sumatra prides itself on producing high-quality wear parts and providing comprehensive technical services. Recognized by the Indonesian Ministry of Trade for outstanding performance, Growth Sumatra delivers high supply capacity, producing up to 65,000 tons of mill liners annually. The company adheres to ISO standards and offers customized mill liners designed to meet specific operational requirements.

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