Kutaisi Free Industrial Zone

Kutaisi Free Industrial Zone, Georgia ქუთაისის თავისუფალი სამხედრო ზონა, საქართველო Кутаисская свободная индустриальная зона, Грузия Freie Industriezone Kutaisi, Georgien 库塔伊西自由工业区,格鲁吉亚 クタイシフリーインダストリアルゾーン、ジョージア 쿠타이시 프리 인더스트리얼 존, 조지아 منطقة كوتايسي الصناعية الحرة، جورجيا

Georgia - ქუთაისის თავისუფალი სამხედრო ზონა

Kutaisi Free Industrial Zone (FIZ), commencing full operations in October 2015, stands as a pivotal economic catalyst within Georgia. Nestled within the vibrant city of Kutaisi, the nation’s second-largest urban hub, this industrial haven encompasses a sprawling 36-hectare expanse. Boasting a strategic placement, it lies a mere 19 kilometers from Kutaisi International Airport, 95 kilometers from Port of Poti, and 210 kilometers from the capital city, Tbilisi. Currently, over 20,000 skilled professionals contribute to Kutaisi FIZ, with a projected escalation in both investment and workforce engagement.

A Fertile Ground for Growth and Innovation at Kutaisi Free Industrial Zone

At the heart of Kutaisi FIZ’s essence is the spirit of growth and innovation. This dynamic zone is divided into six distinct zones, each intricately shaped by its surroundings and community, resulting in a vibrant tapestry woven with innovation and dynamism. A nucleus of industrial advancement, it acts as an incubator for businesses seeking to harness its fertile environment for production and operational success.

Kutaisi FIZ serves as a veritable haven for a spectrum of industries, facilitating unbridled growth and innovation. Among the 13 targeted sectors, businesses engaged in Wafer Fabrication, Semiconductors, Green Energy (including Solar Cells, Fuel Cells, Polymer Batteries, and Renewable Energy), Advanced Electronics, Medical and Scientific Instruments, Process Control and Automation Equipment, Optoelectronics, Biotechnology, Advanced Materials, Contract R&D Services, Aerospace, and New and Emerging Technologies flourish within this nurturing ecosystem.

Kutaisi FIZ heralds a multitude of strategic advantages that pave the way for business prosperity. Companies find an agile platform with no limitations on product import/export within the Free Zone. With seamless business initiation processes, firms can be registered within 1-2 business days. Notably, foreign ownership is permissible up to 100%, requiring only a copy of the passport for individual ownership. The virtual presence of company founders during registration is also possible, reflecting the zone’s business-friendly approach.

Taxation and Cost Efficiency at Kutaisi Free Industrial Zone

Kutaisi FIZ positions itself as an oasis of taxation and cost efficiency. Businesses operating within its realm enjoy an array of tax exemptions, including corporate profit, property, dividend, import/export, and VAT. Furthermore, a modest 4% fee is levied on sales to/from Georgia, affirming the zone’s commitment to facilitating seamless business operations. The zone’s cost-effective infrastructure includes accessible and budget-friendly tariffs on buildings, licenses, and services, accompanied by the region’s most competitive electricity costs.

The zone offers an array of ready-made facilities and land, catering to diverse warehousing and industrial/processing needs. Kutaisi FIZ prides itself on the lowest electricity costs in the region, fostering an environment conducive to manufacturing excellence. It supports businesses with fast customs procedures and permits international trading. Additionally, licenses are issued by Kutaisi FIZ, circumventing the need for additional industrial licenses.

Kutaisi FIZ stands as a beacon of opportunity for businesses seeking a strategic foothold within Georgia’s evolving economic landscape. As a bustling nucleus of innovation, it continues to shape the future of industries, nurturing growth and catalyzing innovation. With its strategic location, comprehensive benefits, and nurturing environment, Kutaisi FIZ holds the promise of a brighter tomorrow for businesses across a spectrum of sectors.

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