Lumapas Industrial Park

Lumapas Industrial Park Brunei Taman Perindustrian Lumapas, Korean: 루마파스 산업 공원, 브루나이 حديقة لوماباس الصناعية، بروناي ルマパス工業団地、ブルネイ 卢马帕斯工业园,文莱

Brunei - Taman Perindustrian Lumapas

Nestled within Mukim Lumapas, Brunei, Lumapas Industrial Park emerges as a developing industrial hub backed by the government entity Darussalam Enterprise (DARe). While making strides in utility connections, it still exhibits a work-in-progress nature. This in-between state presents a balanced perspective of both promise and potential constraints.

Strategic Positioning and Realistic Considerations at Lumapas Industrial Park

Situated in proximity to Brunei International Airport and Muara Port, Lumapas garners a logistical edge, suitable for businesses with transportation needs. However, its relatively distant location from key commercial centers and its connection with the Brunei Economic Development Board (BEDB) Complex must be weighed against the advantages.

Encompassing a vast 200-hectare expanse, the park is thoughtfully divided into two phases. The fully developed Phase 1 with complete occupancy showcases promise. Meanwhile, the ongoing development of Phase 2 hints at prospective growth, albeit within a carefully paced timeline.

A Mix of Industries

The industries hosted within the industrial park reflect a varied palette, including:

Food and Beverage
Information Technology

This assortment, while comprehensive, leans toward conventional sectors. The park’s supplementary offerings, encompassing banks, restaurants, and hotels, contribute to the functional ecosystem.

Facilities at  Lumapas Industrial Park

Facilities in the park form the cornerstone of its potential:

Utility access (electricity, water, and telecommunications)
Roadways and parking
Security protocols
Waste management mechanisms
Fire protection systems
Training provisions
Business support services

Lumapas Industrial Park embodies the journey from concept to realization, marked by a deliberate pace of development. Its unfolding narrative reflects a balanced approach, with merits and room for refinement going hand in hand. This makes it a noteworthy proposition for businesses contemplating investment within Brunei.

Lumapas Industrial Park, while not free from challenges, strikes a balance between aspirational strides and practical considerations. Its evolving landscape invites both optimism and pragmatism, making it a canvas where industry and development converge.

Additional Details

  • Total area: 66 hectares
  • Key industrial sectors: Light-Heavy industries and services.
  • Seaport: 47.5 km to Muara Port
  • Airport: 25.4 km to Brunei International Airport
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