Mesaieed Industrial Zone

Mesaieed Industrial Zone is only 40 kilometres south of Doha and is  hub for the petrochemical, chemical fertiliser, oil refining, metallurgical, workshops and primary building material sectors in Qatar.​ The zone began in 1974 but has been developed over that time and is now a part of the larger Mesaieed Industrial City.

MIC’s industrial area accommodates an oil refinery, a fertilizer complex, petrochemical complexes, natural gas liquids plant and a steel mill, in addition to oil receiving terminal and export facilities. The existing infrastructure and utilities network is being completely upgraded to ensure state-of-the art facilities and services in support of existing as well as new industries. A separate industrial zone for light and support industries is also being upgraded to attract new investors.

In addition, MIC manages the municipal role in Mesaieed to ensure clean, orderly, and hygienic public facilities, including restaurants, parks, recreation facilities, shopping centers, beaches, etc.

Additional Details

  • Seaport: Adjacent to Hamad Port
  • Dormitory accommodation: AMWAJ camp accommodates 6,000