Mesaieed Industrial Zone

Qatar - منطقة ميسعيد الصناعية

Mesaieed_Industrial_Qatar zone : منطقة ميسعيد الصناعية، قطر Промышленная зона Месаид, Катар 梅赛德工业区,卡塔尔 메사이드 산업 지구, 카타르 メサイード工業地帯、カタール منطقه صنعتی مسیعید، قطر

Located just 40 kilometers south of Doha, the Mesaieed Industrial Zone stands as a cornerstone of Qatar’s industrial landscape. Established in 1974 and meticulously developed since then, it has evolved into a pivotal component of the expansive zone.

Sprawling across an impressive 104 square kilometers, the Mesaieed Industrial Zone is situated approximately an hour’s drive from Doha, serving as the nucleus of Qatar’s gas processing, refining, petrochemical, and metals industries. Critical resources, including oil and gas, are efficiently transported via pipelines from Ras Laffan and Dukhan, cementing Mesaieed’s role as an industrial powerhouse.

Operated under the auspices of Qatar Petroleum, the zoneemerged in 2004, marking a relatively recent addition to Qatar’s industrial landscape. Within its confines, prominent downstream entities have taken root. These include Qatar Fertilizer Company (Qafco), Qatar Petrochemical Company (Qapco), Qatar Steel Company, Qatar Vinyl Company, Qatar Chemical Company (Q-Chem), and the state-owned Qatalum aluminum smelter. This confluence of enterprises is either state-owned or represents public-private joint ventures.

Incentives at Mesaieed Industrial Zone

In its bid to stimulate investment, the Mesaieed Industrial Zone offers a spectrum of incentives, including a tantalizing combination of zero export duties and corporation tax. These enticements beckon companies to participate actively in the region’s industrial dynamics.

Among the key features underpinning the zone are:

1. Mesaieed Port: Among the region’s largest petrochemical export facilities, the Mesaieed Port boasts 30 berths, a container terminal, and a Single Point Mooring facility. Its operational scope encompasses the export of crude oil, refined products, petrochemicals, fertilizers, and metal products. The port also plays a pivotal role in importing aggregates (Gabbro), a critical requirement for Qatar’s vibrant construction sector.

2. Infrastructure for Industries: The city provides substantial land designated for heavy and medium industries, fire and emergency response services, a hazardous waste treatment center, electrical power supplied by Kahramaa, comprehensive workers’ accommodation, medical facilities, staff housing options, schools, and recreational clubs. These facilities create an environment conducive to industrial growth and a thriving community.

3. Industrial Diversity: The Mesaieed Industrial Zone thrives on a diversified industrial landscape. It supports sectors like agriculture, manufacturing, oil refining, trade, transportation, and more. The resulting industrial symphony nurtures economic resilience and stability.


Moreover, the zone strategically harnesses its proximity to Hamad Port and Um Alhoul Special Economic Zone. This synergy positions the city as a focal point for sectors like raw building materials, concrete asphalt, and building equipment. The city’s allure extends to companies seeking sound investments within Qatar’s thriving industrial realm.

In line with Qatar’s commitment to sustainability, the Mesaieed Industrial City is embarking on an ambitious journey in recycling and circular economy initiatives. The Al Afja area, situated within the Mesaieed Industrial Zone, is evolving into a recycling industry hub. With a remarkable 11 operational recycling factories already, an additional seven are slated to commence operations soon. This transformative endeavor resonates with Qatar’s broader sustainability objectives.

In conclusion, the Mesaieed Industrial Zone stands as a testament to Qatar’s industrial prowess. A melting pot of diverse industries, it embodies a commitment to sustainable growth and economic resilience. Anchored by robust infrastructure, strategic positioning, and a fervent dedication to innovation, Mesaieed remains an unassailable force in shaping Qatar’s industrial future.

MIC’s industrial area accommodates an oil refinery, a fertilizer complex, petrochemical complexes, natural gas liquids plant and a steel mill, in addition to oil receiving terminal and export facilities. The existing infrastructure and utilities network is being completely upgraded to ensure state-of-the art facilities and services in support of existing as well as new industries. A separate industrial zone for light and support industries is also being upgraded to attract new investors.

In addition, MIC manages the municipal role in Mesaieed to ensure clean, orderly, and hygienic public facilities, including restaurants, parks, recreation facilities, shopping centers, beaches, etc.

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Mesaieed Industrial Zone

  • Seaport: Adjacent to Hamad Port
  • Dormitory accommodation: AMWAJ camp accommodates 6,000
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