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Quang Phu Industrial Zone, situated in Quang Nai City, is one of the prominent industrial zones in Quang Ngai province. With a substantial total area of 92 hectares, the zone has successfully attracted 51 projects, garnering a significant total investment capital of 180 million USD.

The industrial zone strategically plans to attract projects across various sectors, emphasizing food processing, packaging production, seafood processing, and the production of beverages, including beer. Notably, Saigon Beer Alcohol Beverage Corporation (SEBECO) has expanded its operations into this thriving industrial estate.

Investor Authority for Quang Phu Industrial Zone

The Authority of Dung Quat Economic Zone and Industrial Parks of Quang Ngai Province serves as the key investor for Quang Phu Industrial Zone. The zone has been operational since 2001, contributing to the economic development of the region.

Quang Phu Industrial Park Project was established through the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 402/TTg on April 17, 1999. Further, the detailed planning, approved by the Minister of Construction in Decision No. 885/QD – BXD on May 24, 2001, outlines a total approved project scale of 99.42 hectares.

Ongoing Expansion for Growth

Authorized by the Ministry of Construction, the People’s Committee of Quang Ngai province approved a detailed expansion plan in Decision No. 130/QD-UBND on January 20, 2006. This expansion added 47.34 hectares to the area, bringing the total project area of Quang Phu Industrial Park to 146.76 hectares, ensuring sustained growth and development.

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Additional details for Quang Phu Industrial Zone

– RoadDa Nang: 70km
– AirChu Lai Airport: 35km, Da Nang International Airport: 70km
– TrainTam Ky Station: 6km
– SeaportTruong Hai Port: 25km, Ky Ha Port: 35km, Dung Quoc Port: 60km, Tien Sa Da Nang Port: 70km
– GeologicalHard soil: 1.5-2.5kg/cm2
– Main roadWidth: 34m, Number of lanes: 4 lanes
– Side branch roadWidth: 18.5 & 13.5m, Number of lanes: 2 lanes
– Electricity supply 
– VoltagePower line: 110/22KV
– Power capacity40MVA
– Clean water 
– Wattage 
– Highest capacity5,000m3/day and night
– Waste water treatment system 
– Wattage4,500m3/day and night
– Internet and telecommunicationsADSL, Fiber & Telephone line
– SoilLand rents: 60-80USD
– Lease term2051
– Type/GradeLevel A
– Payment methods12 months
– Deposit0.05
– Minimum area1 ha
– Workshop3 USD
– Management fee 
– Management fee0.4 USD/m2
– Payment methods3 months/12 months
– Electricity price 
– Peak0.1 USD
– Normal0.05 USD
– Idle0.03 USD
– Payment methodsMonthly
– SupplierEVN
– Clean water price 
– Water price0.4 USD/m3
– Payment methodsMonthly
– Water supplierCharged by Gov. suppliers
– Wastewater fee 
– Price$0.28/m3
– Payment methodsMonthly
– Water quality before treatmentLevel B
– Water quality after treatmentLevel A
– Traffic systemMain axis system: Width 15.5m, Internal traffic system: Completed internal road system to each factory, each land area.
– Power systemNational power system: Completed 22KV power supply line and lighting lines along the roads inside the industrial park
– Waste water treatmentMaximum treatment capacity: Wastewater treatment station capacity 4,500 m3/day
– Waste treatmentFactory standard: Completed and put into use
– Fire fighting systemEnterprises equip their own fire protection system
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