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Suoi Dau Industrial Zone Vietnam Khu Công nghiệp Suối Dầu, Việt Nam, cho thuê, thuê 越南Suoi Dau工业区,租赁,租用 スオイダウ工業地帯、ベトナム、リース、賃貸 베트남 수이 다우 산업 지대, 임대, 임대 منطقة سووي داو الصناعية، فيتنام، تأجير، إيجار เขตอุตสาหกรรมสุอีดาว, เวียดนาม, เช่า, เช่า

Suoi Dau Industrial Zone, situated in Suoi Tan commune, Cam Lam District, Khanh Hoa Province, presents a serene and promising investment opportunity. With a total investment of 194.4 billion VND, this Industrial Park is developed and managed by the Trade and Investment Company of Khanh Hoa. The detailed planning of Suoi Dau Industrial Zone has been approved by the Ministry of Construction, covering a total area of 152 hectares, with 96.49 hectares available for lease.

Phases of Development at Suoi Dau Industrial Zone

Phase 1, spanning 78.17 hectares, has completed its entire technical infrastructure system and has been in use since 2002. The next Phase 2, covering an area of 73.83 hectares, has also finished its technical infrastructure system and has been operational since 2008. Currently, the industrial park has successfully attracted 47 investment projects, occupying 70.1 hectares of land and achieving an impressive occupancy rate of 80%.

Suoi Dau Industrial Park is strategically located in Suoi Cat commune, Cam Lam district, providing convenient access to National Highway 1A and close proximity to Nha Trang city. The area is densely populated, ensuring a rich pool of qualified local labor resources. Suoi Dau boasts complete infrastructure, including reliable electricity, water supply, and wastewater treatment systems, ensuring the satisfaction of investors’ needs.

Advantages of investing in Suoi Dau Industrial Zone extend beyond its location and infrastructure. The park offers preferential tax benefits, catering to areas with challenging socio-economic conditions. Investment opportunities span a diverse range of sectors, including garment production, electronics, transportation components, motorbike assembly, high-quality handicrafts, and non-polluting seafood processing.

Calling for Investment

Suoi Dau Industrial Park holds a track record of success in attracting investment projects. By the end of 2016, the park had attracted 52 projects, consisting of 32 domestic projects and 20 foreign projects, with a total investment of VND 5,076.88 billion (equivalent to 230.76 million USD). Of these, 35 projects are already operational, while 8 projects are in the construction phase, and 6 projects are temporarily suspended.

Investors are invited to explore projects in various sectors, such as vegetable and canned food processing, seafood processing for export, garment manufacturing, footwear production, household plastic and toy manufacturing, electrical goods and electronics, precision mechanical engineering, high-quality plastic and glass car production, dried seafood processing, as well as the production of stationery, musical instruments, sports equipment, and medical devices.

Suoi Dau Industrial Zone, managed by Suoi Dau Joint Stock Company, offers a serene and favorable investment environment. With its strategic location, completed infrastructure, and a wide range of investment opportunities, Suoi Dau Industrial Zone presents a compelling proposition for investors looking for long-term growth and success.



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Notable tenants at Suoi Dau Industrial Zone

United Swimwear Apparel Co Ltd

United Swimwear Apparel Co. Ltd. (USAL) is a factory located in Vietnam. USAL focuses on producing high quality swimwear to our valued customers from around the world.

USAL is an integral part of the LEGEND Group. USAL employs 2,500 staff and has an annual production capacity of 8 million units.

Hai Vuong Group

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