Arisha Economic Zone

Bangladesh - আরিশা ইকোনমিক জোন

Arisha Economic Zone Bangladesh Industrial estate আরিশা ইকোনমিক জোন 孟加拉国阿里莎经济区 방글라데시 아리샤 경제 지대 アリシャ経済地帯、バングラデシュ เขตเศรษฐกิจอาริชา ประเทศบังคลาเทศ अरिशा इकोनॉमिक जोन, बांग्लादेश আরিশা ইকনমিক জোন, বাংলাদেশ Экономическая зона Ариша, Бангладеш منطقة آريشا الاقتصادية، بنغلاديش

Arisha Economic Zone in Basila is about 5 km from the National Parliament in Dhaka the capital city of Bangladesh. There will be approximately 150 manufacturing units along with all the necessary modern services required.

Arisha Economic Zone plans to be set up with modern technology and infrastructural support, enabling investors of the manufacturing units to start up their businesses in the shortest possible time. The project will provide support with the all the necessary business solutions.

Additional Details for Arisha Economic Zone

  • Total area: 85 acres
  • Key industrial sectors: • Garments • Light Engineering & Auto Parts • Finished Leather Goods • Packaging • Aeronautical Component Industry • Telecommunication • IT-enabled Services • Electronics • Automobile/ Motorbike Assembly
  • Wastewater treatment: Effluent Treatment Plant
  • Airport: Hazrat Shahajalal International Airport 17 km
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Facilities at Arisha Economic Zone

Utilities- Gas & Electricity

There will be uninterrupted power supply. Entrepreneurs can take the power connection from Arisha Economic Zone authority by paying a minimum charge at a time and monthly bill to be paid as per consumption.

Instant gas connection will be supplied to the factories by the EZ authority. Users shall have to pay a onetime connection charge and monthly bill as per consumption to the Gas Co.

Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

ETP is necessary for regulatory compliance. Most industrial areas tend to have a central ETP facility designated exclusively for the use of the industries established within its boundaries. It is as much a regulatory requirement as a necessity to keep the image of the business uncharged. Businesses are prepared to cut into their profit margin and forgo short term gains for the long term effect of the image of the business. WTP on the other hand is necessary for industrial use of water. Industries these days use large quantities of water for a range of activities. Purified source of such water is necessary to enable businesses to run effectively.

Inland Container Depot (ICD)

Inland Container Depots, otherwise known as ICDs, are dry ports equipped for handling and temporary storage of containerized cargo as well as empties. This means that hinterland customers can receive port services more conveniently closer to their premises. ICDs are a convenient shipping alternative extending port services closer to hinterland customers.


The project is strategically placed at the bank of Buriganga River, allowing for the use of river route to transport goods all over the country and eventually, the whole world. The EZ is only 34KM away from Panga River Port.

Despite being situated on the outskirts of one of the most densely populated city, the Aarisha EZ is uniquely positioned to be able to transport raw materials and finished goods avoiding heavy traffic by using river routes.

Water Supply

Deep Tube Well will be sunk for instant water supply for the entrepreneurs. For getting the connection, entrepreneurs shall have to pay a minimum charge fixed by private EPZ authority. Users shall have to pay as per bill fixed by private EPZ Co.

Jetty Facility

Since Bangladesh is crisscrossed by rivers, river ports and river ways have been playing a significant role to the transportation of goods here and there. Almost all big cities and commercial centers of Bangladesh have been established by the river-ports.

An inland port is a port on a navigable lake, river (fluvial port), or canal with access to a sea or ocean, which therefore allows a ship to sail from the ocean inland to the port to load or unload its cargo. An example of this is the St. Lawrence Seaway which allows ships to travel from the Atlantic Ocean several hundred kilometers inland to the Great Lakes.

Safety & Security

A dedicated team of security personnel shall provide full range safety and security for the overall area. However, Individual clients will deploy their own security for their own leased units or appoint the EZ authority. Provision of highly trained and smartly uniformed Guards would be available.

Accommodation Facilities

EZ’s clients can use the Five Star category accommodation service for them to entertain the buyers, suppliers and top level managers, which will ensure seamless communication with the factory and the stakeholders.

EZs require high quality lodging for business clients that is comfortable, relaxing and needs an environment that is invigorating. Accommodation facility inside the EZ premises will ensure the business executives are at their best condition and ensure their top notch performance in their daily activities.

Fire Station

To resist and control the incident of fire, a team of efficient firefighting workers will always be on standby duty. Necessary equipments and chemicals will be available in stock in the warehouse of fire station.

Medical Centre

A 50 bed Medical Centre cum Hospital will be available in the project under direct supervision of Arisha Economic Zone authority. Involved people in the project can get good medical services promptly and conveniently.

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