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Kawasan Industri Internasional Bekasi Bekasi International Industrial Estate

Aiming to offer an optimal industrial site equipped with cutting-edge technologies to Korean manufactures that are eager to expand their business to the South East Asian region, Hyundai Corporation has established PT Hyundai Inti Development in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1990 as a joint venture with Lippo, Indonesia’s largest real estate/finance group.

Situated 30 minutes to the east from Jakarta City, the 200 hectare  large industrial park sits within Bekasi International Industrial Estate in Lippo Cikarang region. PT Hyundai Inti Development began its first plot presale in 1991, and so far 104 companies including 26 Korean corporations has set up their manufacturing bases in the park, churning out their competitive goods at full steam.

Tenants at Bekasi International Industrial Estate

Enkei aluminium
PT. Enkei Indonesia (Main Plant)

Today, Enkei has grown into one of the world’s leading aluminum wheel manufacturers, possessing superior technology, and is now recognized as a world-class aluminum wheel manufacturer. The company has a facility in Indonesia.

Dharma Precision parts
PT Dharma Polimetal

Established in 27 March 1989, PT Dharma Polimetal Tbk ( DP ) specializes in manufacturing of metal-based automotive components supplying for major motorcycle and automobile manufacturers in Indonesia.

Therefore, in conducting its business the Company follows the the principles of Quality Management ISO TS 16949 & Environmental Management ISO 14001.

Furthermore, to ensure that the quality of products meet our customers’ expectations, the company also utilizes a very precise inspection facilities such as Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS), Layout Machine, Flexible Arm Measurement, Photo Micro & Macro, Profile Projector, Tensile Strength, Salt Spray Test, and Cass Test.

Products of PT Dharma Polimetal Tbk, such as:

  • Motorcycle: Frame Body, Muffler, Wheel Rim, Steering Handle, Grab Rail, Main Stand, Step Bar component, Swing Arm, Arm Cushion, and Fastener.
  • Automobile: Reinforcement Sub Assy Instrument Panel / Beam Comp Steering Hanger, Hood Lock, Cross Member Frame, General Parts, and Fastener, Suspension Member.

Korean companies in Bekasi International Industrial Estate

  • Dae Sung Eltec Indonesia – CD-Rom assembling
  • Dae Myung Indonesia – Plastic injection
  • Dongan Kreasi Indonesia – Wig manufacturing
  • Dong il Indonesia – Sewing
  • Dongil Wigantara Metal – Steel casting
  • Hanam Indonesia – Electronics parts
  • Hung-A Indonesia – Bicycle tire
  • Indal Lon – Garments sewing
  • Il-Jo Indonesia – Washing
  • Kepsonic Indonesia – Injection, speaker
  • Kwang Sung Electronics – Electronics parts
  • LG Inotec Indonesia – Electronics parts
  • Oriental Electronics – Electronics parts
  • Putra Pile Indah – Fabrics
  • Samindo Electronics – Assembling
  • Mirio Indonesia – Electronics parts
  • Shin Heung Indonesia – Press, assembling
  • Three Star Indonesia – Radiators
  • Woo In – Press, assembling
  • Korys Indonesia – Leather processing
  • Hankook Casting Indonesia – Die casting
  • Wha In – Press, assembling
  • Cheil Abrasive Indonesia – Grinding wheel