Dammam Second Industrial City

Saudi Arabia - المدينة الصناعية الثانية بالدمام

Dammam Second Industrial City

Dammam Second Industrial City is one of the larger industrial estates in Saudi Arabia focusing on light industry. The location is close to the Damman Port as well the international airport and the large population who lives in Dammam and surroundings.

Additional Details

  • Total area: 2,500 hectares
  • Year opened: 1978
  • Key industrial sectors: Nonferrous metals and building materials – Chemical materials and products – Rubber and plastic products – Food products and beverages – Wood and Furniture
  • Electricity supply: (MVA) 134
  • Wastewater treatment: 40,000 m3
  • Water supply: 27,000 m3 (drinking water)
  • Seaport: 40 km to King Abdul Aziz Seaport
  • Airport: 55 km to King Fahd International Airport.
  • Dry port / Railway: 32 km to Dammam Railway Station.
  • Ready built factories: 15 ready built factories with an area of 1,500 m²
  • Vocational training facilities: Technical and Safety Center Company for Training, Technical Institute for Non-Destructive Testing for Training

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Type of activity at Dammam Second Industrial City

Industrial activity
No. of Factories
Service contracts 201
Other manufacturing industries 28
Printing 5
Food products 50
Furniture 11
Machinery and equipment not elsewhere classified 66
Computers, electronic and optical products 5

Wood and products of wood and cork (except furniture)

Articles of straw and plaiting materials

Basic metals 27
Motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers 5
Beverages 18
Electrical equipment 55
Apparel 4
Leather and related products 1
Pharmaceuticals 7
Textiles 14
Chemicals and chemical products 125
Paper and paper products 21
Coke and refined petroleum products 5
Other transport equipment 3
Rubber and plastic products 122
Other non-metallic mineral products 70
Fabricated metal products (except machinery and equipment) 176
Building materials, ceramics and glass 5
Paper, printing and publishing products 2