First Philippine Industrial Park


First Philippine Industrial Park 菲律宾第一工业园 第一フィリピン工業団地 제1필리핀산업단지

First Philippine Industrial Park, Santo Tomas, Batangas, Philippines provides a First World manufacturing environment that promotes stability and growth, allowing businesses to thrive.

Established in 1996, FPIP is a 500+ hectare special economic zone located in the thriving industrial CALABARZON area south of Metro Manila. Considered the most prime investment location in the country today, it is host to a growing number of global leaders in diverse sectors such as aerospace, automotive, consumer goods, electronics, medical devices, and office equipment, among others.

Additional Details for First Philippine Industrial Park

  • Total area: 423 hectares (phases 1&2)
  • Developer: Sumitomo (Japan), FPH (A Lopez Group Company)
  • Water supply: A centralized distribution system backed up by a full-scale generator system ensures uninterrupted 24/7 water supply to locators.
  • Internal road system: 6-lane, 40m right-of-way (ROW) main roads and 23m ROW secondary roads. 
  • Seaport: Batangas Port 49 km, Manila Port 61 km
  • Airport: Ninoy Aquino International Airport 49 km
  • Ready built factories: Ready Built Factories (RBFs) / Built-To-Suit Facilities available
  • Commercial space: Conveniently located inside the Park, the three-story Oasis Commercial Center offers retail spaces for lease, as well as office space for tenants on the second and third floor. As a PEZA-registered IT & Facilities enterprise, the Oasis Commercial Center is equipped to accommodate operations and Business Continuity Planning requirements of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies.
  • Environmental facilities: Deputized by the Laguna Lake Development Authority, FPIP strictly adheres to government environment standards, continuosly monitoring and ensuring compliance from its locators
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What Drives First Philippines Industrial Park?

Our mission:

To build thriving, inclusive, resilient, regenerative and decarbonized job-centered communities.

Our purpose:

The success of the Philippines and of FPIP in its quest to industrialize is hinged on our collective ability to attract, nurture, and scale investments that provide higher value to consumers and provide quality livelihood for a highly capable growing workforce.

Today, as we face increasing uncertainty brought about by a rapidly changing and competitive world, compounded by the profound threat of the looming climate crisis, we are motivated to reimagine the way we do business. It is apparent that the only way forward is for us to champion climate-neutral, high value-add industrialization.

To achieve this and thrive in this, we will need to appreciate and nurture FPIP’s interconnected advantage that allows us to elevate the ecosystem of locator customers, employees, suppliers, contractors, the environment, communities, and ultimately, our investors. This, in turn, will yield shared and responsible growth.

We will gauge our success through our ability to build livable, future-ready environments that bring about economic prosperity, social inclusivity and environmental stewardship.

By doing so, we will find extensive opportunities to collectively thrive, with the growing appreciation that rewards not only come in the form of a profitable business, but a purposeful one.

Our chosen path:

We shall nurture inclusive, innovative spaces that elevate industry, community and the environment.

Notable tenants at First Philippine Industrial Park

Nikkoshi Philippines Corporation

The Nikkoshi Group leverages its unique microfabrication and magnetic application technologies to offer a range of products. In the equipment component business, they design and manufacture magnetic circuits for semiconductor and display manufacturing equipment. Their precision equipment business focuses on sensors and actuators using magnetizing methods. Additionally, they handle various advanced materials, including ultra-hard materials for drills and soft magnetic materials for hydraulic and pneumatic equipment. Their products cater to industries like smartphone semiconductor manufacturing, industrial robotics, and air conditioning systems, demonstrating their diverse expertise and contributions across multiple sectors.

IBIDEN Philippines, Inc.

The company focuses on electronics and ceramics businesses, offering Flip Chip PKG and related products in electronics, and DPF, Substrate Holding Mat, and Graphite Specialty in ceramics. They pioneer technological innovation and collaborate globally. In electronics, they cater to the demand for high functionality and speed in PC and data center servers driven by 5G and ICT advancements. Their ceramics offerings like DPF address strict environmental regulations, providing high PM capturing and purifying performance for cleaner automotive environments. Their products emphasize high quality, long reliability, and customization to meet customer needs.

Shing Hung Plastics Co., Inc.

With 20 years of experience in the Philippines, Shing Hung Plastics specializes in plastic injection molding parts, printing, painting, assembly, and mold design. They focus on developing new product lines for various sectors requiring standard and high-density flame retardant resin materials. Emphasizing quality, they use Japan’s Mitutoyo brand for precise measurements, ensuring strict compliance with customer criteria to deliver high-quality plastic parts.

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