Fujairah Free Zone

United Arab Emirates - المنطقة الحرة بالفجيرة

Fujairrah Free Zone United Arab Emirates فریجیرہ آزاد زون ، متحدہ عرب امارات フジャイラ自由区、アラブ首長国連邦 푸자이라 자유 무역 지대, 아랍 에미리트 富吉拉自由区,阿联酋 إمارة الفجيرة الحرة، الإمارات العربية المتحدة Свободная зона Фуджейра, Объединенные Арабские Эмираты

Fujairah Free Zone is adjacent to the Port of Fujairah the world’s second largest bunkering hub. Companies established here have easy access to all Arabian Gulf ports. Also the Red Sea, Iran, India and Pakistan on weekly feeder vessels. Mainline services arrive from Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, Far East and North America on a weekly basis.  Plus services leave twice weekly to the Far East and once a week to North America.

Fujairah Free Zone is also close to Fujairah International Airport. This is the only airport serving the UAE East Coast as well as northern Oman.

Investors benefit from the triple Fujairah Free Zone advantage, namely the ACE -Accessibility, Connectivity & Economy.

Accessibility & personal touch of the staff, and management. Fujairah Free Zone offers a unique Connectivity – logistic link to the world; by air through Fujairah International Airport. By sea through Fujairah Sea Port, and by road to Middle East & beyond. Investors benefit by way of faster transaction, accruing due to shorter delivery times. Fujairah Free Zone (FFZ) offers an unmatched Economy – cheaper tariffs, and minimum start up time. Licenses can be issued within one working day. Reduced establishment expenses, and lower overheads, make FFZ a very cost effective investment proposition.

Additional Details for  Fujairah Free Zone

  • Plot sizes: Minimum plot size 5,000 sqm
  • Developer: Fujairah Free Zone Authority (FFZA)
  • Ready built factories: Pre-fabricated & fully insulated high quality warehouse units, standard unit sized being 500 sqm

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Warehouse for Rent at Fujairah Free Zone

Fujairah Free Zone offers pre-fabricated & fully insulated high quality warehouse units, standard unit sized being 500 m2

Facility for loading, unloading and cargo handling. Includes parking facilities and dedicated Phone and Fax lines. Proximity to the Customs Department and administrative offices.

Tenants at Fujairah Free Zone

Audex Fujairah LL FZE

Established in 1994, Audex Pte Ltd began as an engineering consultancy firm catering to the oil, gas, petrochemical, and gas industries.

Over time, Audex expanded into a global multi-discipline company, managing substantial projects in Singapore and globally. Their reputation grew due to their top-notch engineering solutions, timely deliveries, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer service.

Regarded as a leading consulting firm in Singapore, Audex has offices in Shanghai, Chengdu, Fujairah/UAE, and Jakarta, underscoring their commitment to customer proximity and service excellence in the oil, gas, and petrochemical sectors.

International Ship Repair FZE

ISR is recognized as a reputable partner for ship repairs in the United Arab Emirates, specializing in anchorage, alongside, voyage repairs, and marine projects. Their solutions prioritize operational flexibility and customer satisfaction, tailored to meet diverse operational needs and budgets.

With a class-approved facility, skilled workforce, top-notch equipment, experienced Marine Engineers, and robust quality management systems (ISO 9001: 2008 certified), ISR maintains high standards. Their success is evidenced by repeat orders and client confidence.

ISR’s comprehensive services, strategic location in a prime bunkering hub, and involvement in Power, Oil & Gas Projects through EPC Emirates LLC attract vessel owners and managers globally.


Fujairah’s strategic & unique location, as the UAE’s only Emirate on East Coast, plays a key role in its development. Under the leadership and vision of Sheikh Hamed Bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, the Ruler of Fujairah, the Emirates continues to grow.

An amazing amalgamation of the traditional values of the East and modern technologies of the West, Fujairah offers a standard of living comparable to that of world’s most developed nations. More than a quarter million people of various nationalities, including Emirates, inhabit this Emirate of 1450 sq kms

Since the establishment of a free trade zone more than a decade ago, commercial activity in the Emirates has flourished. Due to its strategic position with the UAE’s only access to the Indian Ocean, Fujairah has a bustling, important multipurpose port. In fact, Fujairah ranks as one of the top three bunkering locations in the world. Fujairah becomes an important tourist destination in U.A.E with its natural beauty, Sandy beaches, Historical attractions, mountains and Oases.

Fujairah has much to offer. This small community today enjoys modern facilities and conveniences, and is linked by modern highways to all major cities in the United Arab Emirates. Fujairah is a mere 90 minutes’ drive time from Sharjah, under two hours from Dubai, and just three and a half hours from Abu Dhabi. Exploring the Mountains, Discovering Ancient and Modern Arabian Culture and Water Sports are some attractions. The main cities and villages in Fujairah are Dibba, Murbeh, Qidfa, Al Bidiyah, Masafi and Al-Siji.


フジャイラ フリー ゾーン アラブ首長国連邦

富查伊拉自由区 阿拉伯联合酋长国

푸자이라 자유 지대 아랍 에미레이트

منطقة الفجيرة الحرة بدولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة


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