Gebeng Industrial Estate

Gebeng Industrial Estate is a world-class petrochemical zone covering an area of 8,600 hectares. The Gebeng Industrial Estate is a thriving hub of commercial activity where numerous multinational corporations in the petrochemical sector are head-quartered. As Pahang’s main petrochemical cluster it is well connected via the East Coast Expressway to the West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

Additional Details

  • Total area: 2,468.6 hectares
  • Land available: 1,528 hectares
  • Key industrial sectors: Petrochemical, Chemical and General
  • Electricity supply: Centralised Utility Facilities (CUF) 12/275kV main intake
  • Natural gas: Currently, the natural gas suppliers for Gebeng Industrial Estate are Gas Malaysia and Petronas Gas Berhad.
  • Water supply: Supplied from the Semambu Water Treatment Plant. The current capacity of water supply is 2MG/D. The Government of Pahang is committed in ensuring an efficient water supply in Gebeng. Increase of water supply to 64 MG/D 
  • Telecommunications: Integrated Systems Digital Network (ISDN), digital line, MAYPAC, Internet and video conferencing.
  • Fire safety: The Pahang Fire and Rescue Department is located near Gebeng in order to handle any emergencies. In addition, located within the vicinity of Gebeng is Petronas Centralised Emergency Facilities. 
  • Seaport: Railway link connects the integrated petrochemical complex in Kerteh (Terengganu) to Gebeng and Kuantan Port.