Hijo Industrial Estate


Hijo Industrial Estate Philippines Hijo工业园,菲律宾 히호 산업단지, 필리핀 ヒホ工業地帯、フィリピン ที่ดินอุตสาหกรรมฮิโฮ ประเทศฟิลิปปินส์ हिजो औद्योगिक एस्टेट, फिलीपींस হিজো শিল্পগুলোর এলাকা, ফিলিপাইন Индустриальный парк Хихо, Филиппины حديقة هيخو الصناعية، الفلبين

The Hijo Industrial Estates (HIE) is set to revolutionize the traditional concept of industrial estates by incorporating innovative design initiatives and features that promote sustainable economic and environmental practices.

Location and Accessibility

The HIE is situated within the 166-hectare special economic zone of Hijo Resources Corporation, a part of its 760-hectare property. The estate is located in the Davao region, the third-largest metropolitan area in the Philippines, known for its agricultural industry, seaports, and airport. The HIE is adjacent to Hijo International Port Services, providing convenient access to the markets of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), making it an ideal gateway for importers and exporters. The estate’s location allows for easy access to the Mindanao Container Terminal and other major seaports in the region.

Sustainability Initiatives of Hijo Industrial Estate

The HIE is committed to sustainable development through innovative design initiatives and features. Its 5-hectare solar field generates renewable energy, and its centralized sewage treatment plant uses advanced technologies like reverse osmosis to ensure treated water meets stringent environmental standards. Dedicated bike lanes and pedestrian walkways promote green transportation, while a modern waste management system effectively manages waste and reduces the environmental impact of the estate.

The HIE also includes a greenbelt, a 3-hectare open space that promotes biodiversity and provides a natural buffer against noise and pollution. The greenbelt features a rain garden, a bio-swale, and a retention pond that collect and filter stormwater runoff. The estate’s landscaping also includes native species and plants that require less water, reducing the need for irrigation.

Innovative Design

The HIE features a modern and innovative design, including wide roads and spacious sidewalks, central security systems, and ample parking. The design incorporates sustainable practices, including green spaces, water management systems, and efficient energy use.

The HIE also features an Information Communication Technology (ICT) component, providing high-speed internet connectivity, fiber-optic cabling, and other advanced ICT infrastructure. The estate’s ICT infrastructure enables businesses to connect with clients and partners globally, facilitating international trade and investments.

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