Industrial City of Abu Dhabi

United Arab Emirates - مدينة دبي الصناعيّ

Industrial City of Abu Dhabi アブダビ工業都市 아부다비 산업 도시 अबु धाबी औद्योगिक शहर 阿布扎比工业城市 مدينة أبوظبي الصناعية Промышленный город Абу-Даби

The Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD) is located at the outskirts of Abu Dhabi city. It is spread over an area spanning 40 square kilometres, with multiple clusters and vantage locations.

Each cluster in ICAD has world class infrastructure and benefits from reliable utility and communication networks. There are multiple entry points and free-flowing junctions on fully-developed roads, storage and logistic hubs. The industrial city has quick and easy access to multiple ports and airports. Market connectivity is easily attainable by sea, land and through more than 200 air routes from Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the UAE.

The cost-effective and flexible plot size appeals to a wide variety of investors. Just as appealing is the mix of heavy and light industries. These range from steel and metals to construction material, logistics, food and oil and gas.

Planned, constructed, and operated under the highest technical and environmental standards, ICAD complements existing and planned initiatives featuring adequate scalability to accommodate future demand and growth.

The Industrial City of Abu Dhabi is divided into three zones ranging from heavy, medium and light industry.

What is ICAD Approval?

ICAD offers comprehensive services that promote efficiencies and facilitate partnerships with local and international investors. The resources and facilities are planned, constructed, and operated accordingly with world-class technical and environmental standards. Each cluster plot is connected with power, water, natural gas, telecommunication, sewage services, and other necessary utilities. These complement the existing and planned initiatives featuring adequate scalability to accommodate future demands and growth. These pre-built facilities and utilities might be subjected to future enhancements depending on the needs of the industry which needs appropriate approvals from relevant authorities such as ZonesCorp, ADCD, ADM, and others.

Industrial City of Abu Dhabi Services and Offers

Industrial City Abu Dhabi ensures a wide range of quality business opportunities and locations with state-of-the-art and fit-for-purpose infrastructure, readily available industrial plots in prime locations, fast and efficient connections to main highways, airports, ports, and future railway connections. ICAD is also accessible to fully developed residential communities and facilities, including schools, universities, hospitals, and commercial centers in the outer metropolitan areas.

Industrial City services include but are not limited to:

Land services

    New land application, Land reservation, land modification, and land cancellation

Utilities – Power, Gas, and Water

    New applications, upgrade and downgrade options

Engineering services

    Site planning, plot leveling and demarcation, site visits. Review and approval of architectural plans, soil testing, and Building Permits

Worker Residential Cities Services

    Planning, tenancy agreements, land awarding. Permanent/temporary worker accommodation, construction permits, quality control

Foreign Labour Services

    Fast-tracking of paperwork and approvals

Abu Dhabi Approvals team helps to complete any necessary services, requirements, and submissions for certain permits and licenses needed to acquire ICAD Approval related to engineering projects of our clients.

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Featured Sectors of Industrial City of Abu Dhabi

  • Engineering & Metals
  • General Industries
  • Chemical and Plastic
  • Oil and Gas services
  • Construction Materials
  • High Tech Industries
  • Advanced Factory Units

Tenants at Industrial City of Abu Dhabi

Baniyas Spike Group of Companies

Founded in 1990, the Baniyas Spike Group of Companies has emerged as a premier importer, exporter, and distributor of Rice, Food, and Allied food products within the United Arab Emirates. Having firmly established its presence in the regional market, the company has expanded into diverse business sectors. Originating with the mission to cater to food demands in the UAE, the company’s success stems from adept market insights that align with evolving customer needs. Emphasizing quality, Baniyas Spike Group maintains a global reputation for reliability. Their motto emphasizes high-quality products and services, fostering excellence across Wholesale, Retail, Restaurants & Catering, Medical Center, General Contracting, and Real Estate ventures. Committed to exceeding customer expectations, Baniyas Spike Group remains dedicated to quality and excellence in every business endeavor.

Giffin Al Jazira Metal Industries LLC

Giffin Al Jazira Metal Industries emerged from the merger of five significant entities: Giffin Traffiks (1976), Giffin Traffics Signs Co. (1986), Metal Coating Industries (1994), Al Jazira Metal Industries (2001), and Giffin Traffiks Building Contracting (2006). These renowned entities now operate synergistically, specializing in designing and executing Turn-Key Road Furniture projects in urbanized areas, including Highways, Roads, Residential Districts, Tourist Complexes, and more.

The conglomerate is known for its milestone achievements in manufacturing, installing, and maintaining signage, road steel infrastructure, guard rails, road assets, and premium-quality surface treatment services. With investments in advanced precision machining centers like “4.0,” spanning a vast area of 1,570,000 ft, the company aims to be a leading road furniture manufacturer. Their clientele includes Ministries, Institutions, Telecommunication, Municipalities, Contracting Giants, and Oil Companies throughout the UAE. Leveraging technological advancements, Giffin Al Jazira Metal Industries delivers innovative solutions to meet current market needs and anticipates future demands globally.

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