Jatengland Industrial Park Sayung

Indonesia - Taman Industri Jatengland Sayung

Jatengland Industrial Park Sayung 자텐글랜드 산융 산업 공원, 인도네시아 雅中兰工业园萨永,印度尼西亚 حديقة جاتنجلاند الصناعية سايونغ، إندونيسيا ジャテングランド工業パークサユン、インドネシア

Jatengland Industrial Park Sayung is strategically located in Demak Regency, Central Java. PT. Jawa Tengah Lahan Andalan, the developer, views Demak as a promising area due to its proximity to Semarang, the capital of Central Java. As of now, Jatengland Industrial Park Sayung is in the process of construction.

The choice of Demak Regency for establishing Jatengland Industrial Park is driven by its advantageous geographical position. Being close to Semarang offers convenient access to a well-developed transportation network and other essential infrastructure. This makes it an attractive destination for businesses looking to expand their operations in the region.

PT. Jawa Tengah Lahan Andalan, the company behind the development, is committed to creating a modern and efficient industrial park. With a focus on fostering economic growth and industrial activities, the park aims to attract both local and foreign investors. The development of Jatengland Industrial Park is expected to bolster the economic landscape of Indonesia and the region and contribute to employment opportunities.

Jatengland Industrial Park Sayung construction progress

Currently, Jatengland Industrial Park Sayung is undergoing the construction phase, and progress is steadily advancing. The development process includes the establishment of well-equipped facilities, utilities, and amenities to support businesses that will operate within the park.

As the construction phase continues, the industrial park is anticipated to become a vital hub for diverse industries. The strategic location and development efforts by PT. Jawa Tengah Lahan Andalan are expected to attract a range of businesses, including manufacturing, logistics, and other service-related enterprises.

Jatengland Industrial Park Sayung in Demak Regency, Central Java, holds promising prospects as it benefits from its close proximity to the capital city, Semarang. The ongoing construction phase led by PT. Jawa Tengah Lahan Andalan is aimed at creating a modern and dynamic industrial park, fostering economic growth, and attracting both local and foreign investors. As development progresses, the park is expected to become a significant driver of industrial activities in the region.

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Notable tenant at Jatengland Industrial Park Sayung

PT. Lesso Technology Indonesia

China Lesso Group Holdings Limited (Stock Name: China Lesso, Stock Code: 02128.HK) is a major industrial conglomerate in China, focusing on home furnishings and building materials. Their diverse business portfolio includes plastic piping, building materials, home furnishings, environmental protection, new energy, and supply-chain services. China Lesso offers a wide range of products such as pipes, photovoltaics, plumbing, sanitary ware, kitchen materials, doors, windows, and more. With sales revenue exceeding RMB 30.868 billion in 2023, the group has over 30 advanced production bases across China and abroad, showcasing their commitment to internationalization and strategic growth. Their comprehensive R&D center with over 1,000 researchers drives innovation and product excellence, with thousands of patents contributing to their industry leadership. China Lesso’s dedication to sustainable, efficient, and quality-driven solutions aligns with their vision of creating better living environments and fostering green, livable cities worldwide.


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