Jubail Industrial City

Saudi Arabia - مدينة جبيل الصناعية

Jubail Industrial City, 沙特阿拉伯朱拜勒工业城 사우디 아라비아 주베일 산업 도시 ジュバイル工業都市、サウジアラビア เมืองอุตสาหกรรมจูไบล์ ประเทศซาอุดีอาระเบีย जुबैल औद्योगिक नगर, सऊदी अरब জুবাইল শিল্প শহর, সৌদি আরব Промышленный город Джубайль, Саудовская Аравия

Jubail Industrial City is the largest industrial estate in the world. It is also home to the Middle East’s largest and world’s fourth largest petrochemical company SABIC.

The project started in  1975 and anchored by a large number of primary heavy industries especially petrochemicals and steelwork. This provided a magnet for secondary industries which utilize the products produced and further down the chain into consumer goods manufacturing. The city has good transport infrastructure such as its own port as well being connected via a six lane highway to King Abdulaziz Port Dammam. The development of residential and commercial areas as well as other incentives have led to a constant expansion of the city which now boasts a population of 280,000.

Jubail Industrial City covers over 1,000 square kilometres and it is estimated that the city accounts for 7% of the kingdom’s GDP.

Industrial Clusters

The city is organized into distinct industrial clusters, each dedicated to specific industries. These clusters include petrochemicals, oil refining, steel manufacturing, plastics, fertilizers, and other heavy industries. The clustering of related industries fosters collaboration, resource-sharing, and overall efficiency.

The project was managed by Bechtel, a US engineering and construction company which also oversaw the further expansion of the city and its residential areas. The company continues to be involved with further development of the city.

Petrochemical Complex in Jubail Industrial City

The petrochemical complex in Jubail Industrial City is a vast and advanced industrial zone, strategically located in Saudi Arabia. With access to abundant oil and gas feedstock, it houses multiple petrochemical and chemical plants producing a wide range of products. The complex emphasizes downstream integration, adding value to its products and enhancing the overall value chain. It leverages cutting-edge technologies, international partnerships, and a skilled workforce to ensure efficient and sustainable operations. Despite its scale, the complex prioritizes environmental protection and complies with stringent regulations. As a major employer and driver of economic growth, the petrochemical complex contributes significantly to Saudi Arabia’s economy, reinforcing its position as a global player in the petrochemical market.

Additional Details for Jubail Industrial City

  • Total area: 1,016 square kilometres
  • Year opened: 1975
  • Key industrial sectors: Petrochemicals, heavy industries, FMCG
Jubail Industrial City
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