Navanakorn Industrial Estate Pathumthani

Thailand - นาวานาครอินดัสเทรียล เอสเตท ในปทุมธานี

Navanakorn Industrial Estate Thailand นาวานาครอินดัสเทรียล เอสเตท ในปทุมธานี パトゥンタニのナワナコーン工業団地 파통타니의 나바나콘 산업 지구 巴吞他尼的纳瓦纳空工业园区 Pathumthani

Navanakorn Industrial Estate in Pathumthani stands as a comprehensive industrial hub situated along Phaholyothin Road, precisely 46 kilometers away. Encompassing an expansive area exceeding 6,575 rais, this strategically positioned industrial town caters to diverse industries. Commuting convenience is paramount, facilitated by a 10-lane road, the Expressway, and the Outer Ring Road. Furthermore, accessible train and bus stations located both in the front and rear of the Nava Nakorn Industrial Zone enhance connectivity.

The proximity to community areas ensures ease in hiring workers, and the availability of skilled engineers is notable due to its closeness to Bangkok. Renowned educational institutions such as Bangkok University, Tammasat University, and the Asian Institute of Technology in close proximity contribute to the high recognition of this industrial estate among students.

In response to the significant flood in Thailand in 2011, Nava Nakorn Industrial Zone has proactively fortified its perimeters with concrete barriers. Additionally, a comprehensive flood control plan has been implemented to mitigate future risks.

Ready Built Factory for rent

For businesses seeking rental options within Navanakorn Industrial Zone, Frasers Property Industrial (Thailand) offers a distinct advantage. Our factory spaces come in various sizes to accommodate diverse operations:

The prime location of Navanakorn, combined with the flexible sizes of our available factories, positions us as an ideal choice for businesses. Whether you require a standard 2,000 sqm space or seek to expand up to 4,000 sqm, our exceptional factory specifications cater to your specific needs.

Distances From:

DestinationDistance (km)
Suvarnabhumi International Airport55
Nava Nakorn Nakorn Ratchasima192
Leam Chabung Port150

Additional Details for Navanakorn Industrial Estate Pathumthani

  • Total area: 1,052 hectares (6,575 rais)
  • Land available: Various plots available 
  • Electricity supply: 4 power substations, distributing 515 MVA through 115 kv and 22 kv power line from PEA. In addition to a 185 Megawatts Co-Gen power station
  • Natural gas: Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is supplied by PTT
  • Wastewater treatment: Activated Sludge System capable of treating 46,000 cu.m/day of wastewater .
  • Water supply: Nava Nakorn Industrial Water Plant is capable of producing 90,000 cu.m/day with additional 50,000 cu.m/day from PWA
  • Drainage / flood protection: Permanent Flood Protection System consisted of 5.5 meters (MSL) corrugated concrete sheet piles protecting 20.5 kilometers of the entire project, closed and opened V-Ditch system and 4 pump stations.
  • Telecommunications: Underground fiber optic network throughout the industrial zone in addition to all major mobile providers are available 
  • Security: Monitoring by CCTVs and security personnel assist by a local police station
  • Internal road systemAll roads are a standard 4 lanes and 2 lanes with 32m and 28m in width
  • Seaport: Leam Chabung Port 150 km
  • Airport: Suvarnabhumi International Airport 55 km

Notable tenants of Navanakorn Industrial Estate Pathumthani

D.H.A. SIAMWALLA LTD. – File, Note Book “Elephant”
OISHI TRADING CO., LTD. – Green Tea and Bakery
PANASONIC APPLIANCES REFRIGERATION DEVICES (THAILAND) CO., LTD. – Heat Exchanger, Defrost Heater, Thermostat Vend-Mechanism and Water Pump
THAI HOKUTO PRECISION CO., LTD. – Pulley, Washing Machine Part, Other Machine Part
EGAT DIAMOND SERVICE CO., LTD. – Repair Spare Parts Electricity Generating
NIPPON GASKET (THAILAND) CO., LTD. – Automobile Gasket
THAI BOND INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. – Polyester Padding, Interlining, Thermobond
SANDEE RICE CO., LTD. – Rice – Jasmine Rice, White Rice, Brown Rice
BB SNACKS CO., LTD. – Greennut Crispy Green Peas
SIAM OKAMOTO CO., LTD. – Surgical Latex Gloves
FRESER INTERNATIONAL (THAILAND) CO., LTD. – Beer and Soft Drinks dispenser

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