PBI Aqaba Industrial Estate

Jordan - منطقة العقبة الصناعية في بي بي آي، الأردن

Aqaba Industrial Estate Jordan

PBI Aqaba Industrial Estate (PBI Aqaba) emerges as a shining beacon of safety and security in the Middle East. Situated strategically in Aqaba, Jordan, this industrial estate spans 135 acres across two phases, playing a pivotal role in advancing Halal industrial development. Far beyond a conventional industrial park, PBI Aqaba stands as a haven for businesses seeking not just operations but secure prosperity.

Strategic Advantages of PBI Aqaba Industrial Estate

Aqaba’s strategic geographic location, complemented by its major seaport, international airport, and well-established road network, positions it as an irresistible destination. Operating as a special economic zone, PBI Aqaba extends unprecedented advantages, including:

  • International Market Access Agreements
  • Exemption from duties on raw materials and equipment
  • Unrestricted foreign currency transactions
  • A flat 5% income tax on net profits

Investment Incentives

Operational under a Special Legal Regime, PBI Aqaba ensures investors enjoy a range of incentives, from a flat 5% tax rate to zero tax on dividends. Foreign investors can hold 100% ownership of companies and land within the estate. With a commitment to low taxation and investor-friendly policies, PBI Aqaba cultivates an environment conducive to business prosperity.

Beyond providing robust infrastructure, PBI Aqaba takes an active role in supporting investors, facilitating interactions with government agencies and the local community. The estate’s participation in various market access agreements opens up diverse opportunities for international investors.

Global Collaboration

Recent discussions with a Chinese delegation underscore PBI Aqaba’s global significance. The delegation explored investment prospects at Aqaba International Industrial Estate (AIIE) and Queirah International Industrial Estate (QIIE). These estates, rich in industrial rocks, present unique and promising investment avenues.

Exemplifying the diversity thriving within PBI Aqaba are tenants like Sea Star Manufacturing and Wiosun. Sea Star, a supplier of pistachio nuts, and Wiosun, a German solar technology company, contribute significantly to the estate’s success.

PBI Aqaba Industrial Estate isn’t merely an industrial complex; it stands as Jordan’s commitment to fostering economic growth and fostering global collaborations. Positioned securely and strategically, it continues to attract businesses seeking not just a foundation but a fortress for success.

Additional Details for PBI Aqaba Industrial Estate

  • Total area: 170 hectares
  • Seaport: 15 km Aqaba Seaport
  • Airport: 1 Km From Aqaba Airport

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