Port of Baku

The Port of Baku is situated at the crossroads of the modern Silk Road and major transportation corridors. Our vision is to become the major intermodal logistics hub at the heart of Eurasia. Our mission is to contribute directly to the sustainable growth and diversification of Azerbaijan’s economy by developing a world-class port.

The port is located in Alat (Ələt) which is a township 70 km south of Baku. It is at the crossroads of two major transportation corridors – East-West and North-South. It is also where Azerbaijan’s main railway and highway networks converge. Facilitating the implementation of the vision of the port as a grand hub – becoming key to regional and global supply chains. The Port of Baku serves as a major intermodal distribution hub, but will also employ an integrated development model that involves port activities, bonded zone, the Alat township and various transport and non-transport projects.

With the realization of the second phase of development, the total throughput capacity of the Port of Baku will increase to 25 million tons of general cargo, including 500.000 TEU in containers.

Additional Details

  • Total area: 400 hectares
  • Free Trade Zone: Bonded area, which operates on the territory of the Baku International Sea Trade Port, offers variety of new services to entrepreneurs and businesses. Port of Baku has following resources to provide these new services: 1.1. Total area – 40 ha. 1.2. Closed warehouses – 2 warehouse (5,000 sq.m each) 1.3. Container area – 12 500 sq.m. 1.4. Open storage area – 8.6 ha.
  • Cargo throughput: Capacity 15 millions tonnes per year
  • Container | Berths: 13 in total
  • Container Length: 2,254 metres in total
  • Container Capacity: 100,000 TEUs
  • Draft / maximum vessel size: 7 metres
  • Covered storage area: Storage area of 10,000 sqm 
  • Open storage area: 56,000 sqm with a container storage capacity of 100,000 TEU per annum.