Port of Kolkata

India - কলকাতা বন্দর, ভারত

Port of Kolkata India কলকাতা বন্দর, ভারত कोलकाता पोर्ट, भारत بندرگاہ کولکاتا، بھارت கொல்கத்தா கடற்கரை, இந்தியா 印度加尔各答港口 인도의 콜카타 항 インドのコルカタ港 ကိုလပ္ပါက် ဆိုက်မှု ပို့စ်, အိန္ဒိယ

The Port of Kolkata, officially known as Syama Prasad Mookerjee Port Trust, is a significant river port situated in West Bengal, India. Located approximately 203 kilometers from the sea, it comprises two terminals: Kolkata Docks and the deep-water terminal at Haldia Dock Complex.

The docking system at the Port of Kolkata boasts 11 hectares of stacking area and a 9,000-square-meter Container Freight Station. The container terminal is equipped with sophisticated, computerized facilities. The port handles diverse cargo, including major containerized commodities such as tea, cotton, jute, and iron & steel.

Strategic Importance for Nepal of Port of Kolkata

Given its landlocked nature, Nepal heavily relies on the Kolkata Port for managing the majority of its sea freight imports. The port serves as India’s only riverine port with two dock systems: Kolkata Dock System and Haldia Dock Complex, catering to both river and seaborne trade. Large volumes of humanitarian aid, including food shipments by organizations like WFP, transit through this port.

In the 19th century, the Kolkata Port held prominence as the premier port in British India. Notably, from 1838 to 1917, the port played a pivotal role in shipping over half a million Indians, primarily from the Hindi Belt, as indentured laborers to various parts of the world, including Mauritius, Fiji, South Africa, and the Caribbean islands.

Ongoing Initiatives and Challenges at Port of Kolkata

The Kolkata Port, situated on the left bank of the Hugli River, faces challenges such as tidal influences, sediments from small rivers, and the dynamic nature of the estuary. Despite these challenges, the port has approached Customs for clearance to initiate transshipment operations in dry bulk cargo destined for Bangladesh, marking a strategic move to diversify its cargo-handling capabilities. However, concerns about pilferage in dry bulk cargo have been raised, indicating ongoing challenges in expanding operations.

This overview underscores the historical significance, infrastructural capabilities, and strategic importance of the Port of Kolkata, shedding light on both its rich past and its evolving role in contemporary maritime operations.

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