Seethawaka Export Processing Zone

Sri Lanka - සීතාවක සැප්වැල්කා විදුලි කළාපය

Seethawaka Export Processing Zone Sri Lanka සීතාවක සැප්වැල්කා විදුලි කළාපය - ශ්‍රී ලංකාව சீதாவக ஏற்றுமதி பரிபாலனக் கோடு - இலங்கை सीथावका निर्यात प्रसंस्करण क्षेत्र - श्रीलंका 锡塔瓦卡出口加工区 - 斯里兰卡 シータワカ輸出加工区 - スリランカ 세타와카 수출 가공 지구 - 스리랑카 Зона обработки экспорта Ситавака - Шри-Ланка

Seethawaka Export Processing Zone, overseen by the Board of Investment (BOI) of Sri Lanka, is the sole zone situated in the Colombo District. Established in 1999, this well-planned Export Processing Zone spans 431 acres, with 183 acres designated for industrial purposes. Accessible via a 47 Km low-level road and a 57 Km high-level road from Colombo, the zone is strategically located.

The zone boasts essential infrastructure facilities, including water and electricity, with wastewater processing capabilities. This comprehensive infrastructure not only supports the operational needs of existing enterprises but also enhances the attractiveness of Seethawaka Export Processing Zone for potential investors.

Land Investment Opportunities at Seethawaka Export Processing Zone

Seethawaka Export Processing Zone offers land parcels for investment projects through long-term leases, extending up to 30 years. These opportunities are open to both local and foreign investors, as well as joint ventures between foreign and local entities, facilitating a diverse range of prospective investment projects.

Seethawaka Export Processing Zone was established in 1999 on a land area of 431 acres of which 183 acres are industrial land. The infrastructure facilities at the zone include water, the processing of waste water and electricity, making it attractive to investors.

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Additional details about Seethawaka Export Processing Zone

Year of Commencement: 1999
Distance from Colombo: 50 Km
Total Extent: 431 Acres
Industrial Area: 184 Acres
Worker Population: 21,916 (Female: 9,616, Male: 3,297)
Specialization of Zone: Only zone located in Colombo district accommodating enterprises from different sectors

Location: 57Km away from Colombo
Area: 431 Acres
Sewage & Effluent Collection System
Sewage/Effluent Treatment Capacity of 9900m³/d
Access: Bitumen surfaced road access available
Security & Fire Services:
Security lighting, chain link fencing
Fire engine and firefighting equipment
Communication Facilities:
400 lines stored programmer control exchange for local calls, IDD, and facsimile facility
Supply treated water as per WHO standards
Storage facility within the zone of 9,950m³
Power Availability: 63 MVA
Centralized: Administrative complex, housing the BOI servicing units, entrance building

Key tenants

GP Garments (Pvt) Ltd

GP Garments, established in 1990 as a Belgian-owned limited liability company in Sri Lanka, specializes in producing high-quality workwear garments for a global clientele. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Avissawella, near Colombo, is staffed by a skilled workforce of 2150. We are committed to ethical practices, holding certifications such as “Garments without Guilt” since 2008 and passing Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) audits in 2015 and 2017.

Kailash Metachem (Pvt) Ltd

Leading Manufacturer of Chemical Products. Kailash Metachem, a part of the Kedar Group established in 1993, stands as a prominent manufacturer and exporter of Lead Oxides, Single Lead Stabilizers, and Minerals for the ceramic industry. Our dedicated team of experts, with over two decades of experience, ensures the highest quality and efficient deliveries, adding substantial value to our customers’ businesses.

Kedar Group believe in the power of chemistry that influences everything around us, from industrial components to daily-use FMCG products. With over 30 years in the industry, we’ve touched lives through our diverse range of products and businesses, positioning ourselves as one of the largest exporters of Lead Oxides globally.


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