Sentul Industrial Estate

Indonesia - Kawasan Industri Sentul

Sentul Industrial Estate Bogor indonesia Kawasan Industri Sentul, 印度尼西亚,武吉士曼丹塔布斯特尔,波哥尔市,森通工业园 インドネシア、ボゴール、セントゥル工業地帯 인도네시아, 보고르, 생툴 산업 지구 منطقة صناعية سينتول، بوغور، إندونيسيا Промышленный район Сентул, Богор, Индонезия

Sentul Industrial Estate, located in Kecamatan Babakan Madang, Kabupaten Bogor, Jawa Barat, is a modern industrial park with a strong focus on providing a safe and comfortable environment for businesses. Developed by Olympic Development, the project is set to be completed by 2025, aligning with the company’s vision to create a vibrant and integrated property development. The estate will encompass a Resort, Residential, Hotel, Commercial Business, and Industrial Park, offering a range of choices and opportunities for city inhabitants to lead a full and effective life.

The industrial estate offers convenient access to the Jagorawi toll road, ensuring seamless transportation for businesses. Additionally, it is strategically located close to six golf courses, providing recreational opportunities for employees and visitors. The estate is equipped with essential utilities, including gas by PGN, electricity by PLN, and telephone services by Telkomsel. Furthermore, it supports mobility transportation with 40-foot containers and provides full internet support through fiber optic technology, ensuring efficient operations and connectivity.

Diverse Tenants & Industries at Sentul Industrial Estate

Sentul Industrial Estate hosts a diverse range of tenants, including PT. Maxindo Karya Anugerah, PT. Mastrotto Indonesia, PT. Batara Indah, PT. Bondor Indonesia, PT Mount Scopus Indonesia, PT. K-Link Indonesia, PT. Swadaya Traktor Adiperkasa, PT Sampoerna Indonesia, and more. These companies represent various industries, such as leather production, insulated panel manufacture, automotive parts, medical devices, and digital network marketing, contributing to the estate’s dynamic and multifaceted character.

Olympic Development’s Commitment to Quality

Olympic Development, led by Mr. Au Bintoro, has a strong commitment to quality and has been a key player in the furniture manufacturing industry since 1983. With a focus on producing quality products tailored to market demand, the company has maintained professional production standards and a strong focus on product development and engineering. The estate’s development reflects the company’s dedication to creating a thriving and sustainable industrial hub.

Sentul Industrial Estate stands as a testament to Indonesia’s commitment to developing a modern and integrated industrial park, offering a vibrant community, diverse industries, and sustainable practices.

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Tenants at Sentul Industrial Estate

PT Mastrotto Indonesia

Established in 2004, PT Mastrotto Indonesia serves as a key production and distribution facility within Gruppo Mastrotto, specifically catering to the Asian market. Situated in Sentul, approximately 60 km east of Jakarta, Mastrotto Indonesia has swiftly gained prominence in East Asia for its manufacturing prowess in bovine hides, particularly for upholstery and automotive applications. The company adheres to the hallmark of ITALIAN QUALITY LEATHER.

PT. Bondor Indonesia

With over two decades of experience in Indonesia, PT Bondor Indonesia stands as a pioneer and leader in the manufacturing of insulated panels. The Bondor™ Insulated Panel Systems utilize a composite building material, comprising a layer of rigid polymer foam sandwiched between two layers of sheet metal. Renowned for its innovative solutions, Bondor Indonesia has played a significant role in advancing insulated panel technology within the region.

PT. K-Link Indonesia

K-Link Indonesia is the first Sharia-based Digital Network Marketing company in Indonesia. We provide both online and offline business opportunities with a range of health, beauty, and household products. Embracing technological advancements, we not only have numerous distributors throughout Indonesia but also offer official platforms such as and to facilitate partners in accessing our products. Here are some reasons why K-LINK has gained widespread acceptance: