Siam Eastern Industrial Park

Thailand - อุตสาหกรรม สยามอีสเทิร์น

siam eastern industrial park Thailand อุตสาหกรรม สยามอีสเทิร์น - サイアムイースタン工業団地 暹粤东部工业园区 시암 동부 산업 공원 متنزه سيام

Siam Eastern Industrial Park (SEP), established in 1992, is a key player in the development of industrial parks and the provision of ready-made standard warehouses in Rayong, Thailand. SEP is recognized for offering significant Board of Investment (BOI) Zone III and Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) privileges, which are highly beneficial for investors looking to establish operations in the region.

Strategic Location and Facilities at Siam Eastern Industrial Park

SEP is strategically positioned to provide easy access to major transportation hubs and industrial estates, enhancing its appeal for industrial purposes. It is situated within reach of Sriracha, Laem Chabang deep sea port, U Tapao International Airport, Sattahip deep sea port, Suvarnabhumi International Airport, and is near Highway no. 331 and the future high-speed train project. This prime location places SEP at the nexus of connectivity to prominent industrial estates such as Amata Rayong, Hemaraj, and Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate.

The industrial park is designed to support the seamless operation of businesses with a comprehensive suite of services and utilities. These include an abundant water supply, reliable electricity, and professional waste treatment services, ensuring that industrial operations can proceed without interruption.

Siam Eastern Industrial Park: Expansion and Client Services

SEP encompasses two main areas: SEP 1 and SEP 2 (SGC). SEP 1 covers a total area of 2,038 rais (approximately 326.08 hectares or 805.8 acres) and includes both commercial and industrial zones. SEP 2 spans 881 rais (approximately 348.31 acres or 140.96 hectares) and is a blend of commercial, residential, and industrial zones. Both areas are equipped to support a variety of business needs, from office functions to manufacturing plants.

The park provides a range of facilities, including conference amenities and warehouse rentals. SEP is committed to assisting clients with investment planning, BOI applications, and optimizing services to ensure client satisfaction. The infrastructure includes a raw water system from SEN, a water supply capacity of 12,000 cubic meters, and a high-voltage electrical system from PEA. The telephone system is operated by TOT, and the internal road network features a main road width of 35 meters and minor roads of 25 meters.

Waste management is handled by Siam Environmental Technologies Ltd. (SEN), which provides wastewater services, refuse collection, and hazardous waste treatment. Industries within SEP 2 include the motorcycle industry, automotive industry, spare parts, and robotic industry.

Recently, the Sino-Thai EV battery plant commenced operations within SEP, marking a significant milestone for Southeast Asia’s electric vehicle (EV) industry. This plant focuses on the import, assembly, and distribution of battery modules and packs for energy storage systems and EVs, with an initial production capacity of 2 gigawatt-hours per year, set to expand in the future.

In summary, Siam Eastern Industrial Park continues to evolve and support the industrial sector in Thailand, offering strategic location advantages, comprehensive facilities, and dedicated client services to foster business growth and development.

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