Tai Po InnoPark

Hong Kong - 大埔創新園

tai po industrial InnoPark estate Hong Kong 大埔創新園 大埔イノパーク 타이포 이노파크 تاي بو إنوبارك، هونغ كونغ Тай По Иннопарк, Гонконг ताई पो इनोपार्क, हांगकांग

Tai Po InnoPark, formerly known as Tai Po Industrial Estate, spans 75 hectares and caters to food manufacturing, media services, and lifestyle goods industries. Conveniently located just 1.5km from Tai Po town centre, it remains a thriving hub for local and international brands.

Established in the 1960s during Hong Kong’s manufacturing boom, the estate adapted to economic shifts. While manufacturing moved to China, the estate evolved, housing prominent companies like South China Morning Post and Asia Television. Accessible via MTR East Rail Line and Tolo Highway, its strategic location contributes to its sustained success.

Tai Po InnoPark hosts major industry players, including Oriental Press Group, Maxim’s Caterers, and APT Satellite Holdings. The estate accommodates diverse sectors, fostering a dynamic business environment.

Innovative Repositioning: The Future of Tai Po InnoPark

Undergoing innovative repositioning, the estate embraces the vision of “Innovated, Designed, and Made in Hong Kong.” The Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) focuses on revitalizing industrial estates to align with the city’s new industrialization goals. Tai Po InnoPark, rebranded as an InnoPark, aims to attract high-tech industries, enhancing technology development in Hong Kong.

Key Projects at Tai Po InnoPark

GMP Centre:
Repurposed for pharmaceutical innofacturing.

Precision Manufacturing Centre:
Transformed into a manufacturing base for precision products.

MARS Centre:
Refurbished for the production of medical accessories, resilience supplies, and precision manufacturing.

MARS Centre: Pioneering Precision and Innovation

The MARS Centre at Tai Po InnoPark aligns with Hong Kong’s ambitions for “new industrialisation.” Focused on products demanding precision, hygiene, and quality, MARS is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including ISO-8 clean rooms, epoxy flooring, and 24-hour AC chilled water supply. MARS not only supports the local production of personal protective equipment but also contributes to Hong Kong’s journey into the digital age with advanced manufacturing capabilities.

Tai Po InnoPark stands as a testament to Hong Kong’s adaptability and commitment to innovation. Its strategic location, diverse tenant base, and forward-looking projects position it as a key player in the region’s evolving industrial landscape. As Hong Kong navigates the challenges of the modern economy, the park remains a vital contributor to the city’s economic growth and technological advancement.

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