Vientiane Industrial and Trade Area (VITA Park)

Laos - ບໍລິສັດແລະສັດຕະນາຄົມວຽກແລະສະຖາບັນວິສາຫະກົດ

Vientiane Industrial and Trade Area (VITA) Laos ບໍລິສັດແລະສັດຕະນາຄົມວຽກແລະສະຖາບັນ, ວິສາຫະກົດ พื้นที่อุตสาหกรรมและการค้าเวียงจันทน์, ลาว Khu Công nghiệp và Thương mại Vientiane, Lào 万象工贸区,老挝 비엔티안 산업 및 무역 지역, 라오스 ヴィエンチャン産業貿易地域、ラオス منطقة الصناعة والتجارة فينتيان، لاوس

Vientiane Industrial and Trade Area (VITA Park) is a private venture industrial estate located in close proximity to the capital. The Ministry of Planning and Investment of the central government of Laos officially ratified the establishment of the free-trade industrial economic zone VITA PARK on October 30, 2009.

Covering an area of 110 hectares,  Vientiane Industrial and Trade Area has attracted investments from 53 companies thus far. Among them, 15 companies have completed their plant facilities and commenced operations. It is projected that an additional 30 companies will be operational in the park by 2018. Moreover, there exists a government contract for the provision of 500 hectares of land for future expansion.

Vientiane Industrial and Trade Area: Convenient Location

Situated 22 kilometers from the center of Vientiane Capital, the project site offers a strategic location for businesses.

VITA Park caters to a wide range of industries, including textile, shoe, cloth, bicycle, and electronic parts manufacturing plants. Additionally, it encompasses commerce-related establishments such as retail stores, trade centers, and commercial buildings. Services such as training centers, schools, hospitals, and hotels are also part of the park’s offerings.

With a total investment of 43,000,000 USD, VITA Park has been developed through a collaboration between the government and the private sector (Chinese Taipei). Notably, foreign investors have the opportunity to fully own 100% of the shares.

Efficient One-Stop Service Office at Vientiane Industrial and Trade Area

VITA Park provides a comprehensive one-stop service office, where investors can conveniently approach relevant government departments to address their specific requirements.

The park offers an attractive tax incentive of zero taxes on import and export, with the possibility of company profit tax exemption for up to 10 years.

A Brief History

Nam Wei Development Co., Ltd. initiated its land development business in the Laotian capital, Vientiane, in 2009. Later that year, on October 30, the Ministry of Planning and Investment of the central government of Laos officially ratified the establishment of VITA Park. The park is a joint partnership venture between the Laotian Government (holding 30% ownership) and Nam Wei Development Co., Ltd. (holding 70% ownership). It is divided into Phase 1 and Phase 2, spanning a total area of 252 hectares in Nonthong Village, Saythany District, 22 kilometers away from Vientiane City.

Additional Details for Vientiane Industrial and Trade Area

  • Total area: 110 hectares with 500 hectares for expansion
  • Developer: Nam Wei Development Co., Ltd
  • Year opened: 2011
  • Electricity supply: 110 MVA substation
  • Land Leasing: 0.025 – 0.06 USD/m2/month
  • Electricity: 0.059 – 0.065 USD/Kwh
  • Water Fee: 0.059 – 0.065 USD/Kwh

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Notable tenants

Daiichi Denshi Laos Co., Ltd.,

Originally founded in 1975, started as a seller of unrelated products but evolved into specializing in electrical parts, particularly wire harnesses. The company emphasizes connecting people and society, contributing to various aspects like industry, business partnerships, and employee well-being. With bases in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Laos, and Thailand, and a multinational workforce, the company values cooperation and envisions itself as a global challenger. Their corporate philosophy centers on “smile, hope, vitality,” reflecting their commitment to creating dreams with customers. Daiichi Denshi Laos Co., Ltd. positions wire harnesses as vital components akin to the “blood vessels” and “nerves” in products using electricity.

Mascot Company

Mascot, a leading manufacturer, produces high-quality workwear and safety footwear. Addressing diverse professions, their wide assortment caters to professionals in crafts, service, transport, and industry. Mascot prioritizes comfort, fit, and design, utilizing premium fabrics like TENCEL®, COOLMAX®, and CORDURA®. The company adheres to the motto “Tested to Work,” subjecting products to rigorous testing in laboratories and real-world conditions. Whether you’re a retailer or part of a large corporation, Mascot is dedicated to assisting with workwear, safety shoes, accessories, and smart ordering options.

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