Wellgrow Industrial Estate

Wellgrow Industrial Estate is a general purpose industrial estate that was developed in 1989. It was a period when Thailand was experiencing strong industrial led economic growth. Many Japanese manufacturers invested in facilities here and continue to be one of the main countries represented.

Additional Details

  • Total area: 1,386 acres (3,508 rai)
  • Developer: Well Grow Industries Company Limited
  • Key industrial sectors: TV, electric appliances, perfume, Synthetic chemicals, Plastic products
  • Electricity supply: Distribution capacity: 200 MVA – Power voltage: 22 kV, 400/230 V, and 115 kV
  • Wastewater treatment: Activated Lagoon with a capacity of 7,200 cubic meters/day; and Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) with a capacity of 8,400 cubic meters/day
  • Water supply: Production capacity: 30,000 cubic meters/ day
  • Drainage / flood protection: Open U-ditch drainage system, measuring 1-2.7 meters wide
  • Security: 24 security guards on duty 24 hours a day
  • Fire safety: One fire engine – One fire water tender
  • Internal road system: Primary road: reinforced concrete, 14 meters wide with four-lane divided traffic – Secondary road: reinforced concrete, 12 meters wide with two-lane divided traffic
  • Seaport: Klong Toey Sea Port 46 km, Leamchabang Sea Port 79 km
  • Airport: Suvarnabhumi Airport 35 km