Al Mazunah Free Zone

Oman - المنطقة الحرة المزيونة

Al Mazunah Free Zone Oman المنطقة الحرة المزيونة

Al Mazunah Free Zone is located in Al Mazunah, Oman just 4 km from the Yemeni-Omani border. It extends to a huge area reaching about three million square metres. The project contains all the necessary facilities that constitute the free zone. Ths includes a commercial mall, hotel, car showrooms, warehouses, administrative center, mosque and commercial stores. This is supported by modern infrastructure, including road nets, bridges, drainage, internet networks, phone lines and mobiles networks.

Due to the proximity to Yemen the zone allows easy use Yemeni manpower without the need to obtain visas or to carry out significant bureaucratic procedures. Omani manpower requirements in the zone are reduced from 30% in other parts of the country, to just 10%.

Companies and entities involved with operations in Oman’s Al Mazunah Free Zone (AMFZ) can now complete transactions remotely through a new electronic payment service for logistics‑related services.

The new service was announced on 16 August 2020 in a release on the website of the Public Establishment for Industrial Estates (known as Madayn), the government entity that manages and operates the AMFZ, in addition to seven industrial cities in Oman, and the Knowledge Oasis Muscat (KOM), the sultanate’s first technology park.

Additional Details

  • Year opened: 1999
  • Key industrial sectors: foodstuff, vegetables, fruits, plastic materials, clothes, wooden industries and maintenance workshops for all kind of machines and equipment.
  • Tax incentives: First 30 years of tax-free operations
  • Non-tax incentives: Any company in Al Mazunah must hire only 10% minimum locals

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Al Mazunah Free Zone Incentives

  1. Exemption of profits from income tax for 30 years without ​the need to provide income declaration

  2. Flexibility in the transaction process for remittance and dealing of foreign exchange
  3. Exemption from the law of commercial agencies
  4. Exemption from customs duties
  5. Permission to import all eligible goods into the Sultanate of Oman
  6. Exemption from the requirement of a minim​​um investment in addition to a wide freedom to use foreign currencies
  7. Possibility of 100% ownership of the invested project’s capital
  8. Allow Yemeni workforce to work in the free zone without entry visa or permanent residence permit in Oman
  9. Omanisation percentage for the operating company stands at 20%
  10. Issuance of certificates of origin (free zone products) or (foreign origin)
  11. Grant the factories operating in the free zone a national certificate of origin
  12. Facilitate residence visas for non-Omani investors
  13. Availability of Omani and Yemeni products at affordable prices through a single common market
  14. Adoption of the Yemeni customs data for goods received from Yemen
  15. Allow the establishment of a representative office within the customs territory of Oman