Anzali Free Zone Area

Iran - منطقه آزاد انزلی
Anzali Free Trade Area Iran

Anzali Free Zone Area is the only free zone in the southern part of Caspian Sea. It represents the economic hub of Iran with a total area of 9400 hectares for future development. The zone has legal incentives and exemptions such as tax exemptions for 20 years, customs duties exemption.  Anzali Free Zone Area is also strategically situated on International North–South Transport Corridor (INSTC). This links India to European markets via Kazakhstan, Iran and Russia and could be a major trade route in the future.

The main sectors the zone focuses on is logistics, hi-tech, agricultural processing, medical and optical instruments. The free zone includes three separate areas including Hassanroud Industrial Park and a surrounding area about 946 hectares.

The other areas consist of a residential, agricultural and commercial zone and a harbour area for handling cargo.

Additional Details

  • Total area: Hassanroud Industrial park and surrounded area about 946 hectares
  • Tax incentives: 1. The exemption from direct taxes for 20 years 2. Duty-free entry of machines to production line of the factory 3. The duty-free entry of raw materials for production
  • Non-tax incentives: No need for entry visa for foreign nationals.
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Economic and Geographic Advantages
  • Existence of port installation, facilities and maritime transportation
  • On the direction of north-south international corridor of Nostrac which is the 21th century transit corridor of Asia-Europe Connects Helsinki port (North Europe) via Russia to the north & south ports of the Caspian Sea, then trough Persian Gulf to the south-eastern countries of Asia.
  • Easy access to north & south ports of Europe through Volga River & Volga-Den (bay).
  • Adjacent to ports of Astrakhan & Lagan in Russia, Kerasnodesk in Turkmenistan, Aktau in Kazakhstan and Baku in Azerbaijan.
  • Existence of access roads to the consumption markets of C.I.S countries.
  • Adjacent to the Rasht international airport.
  • International highway of Anzali – Rasht – Ghazvin.
  • Existence of specialist work force.
  • Adjacent to the vast gas & crude oil of the Caspian Sea.
  • Ghazin – Anzali – Astara railroad.
  • Proximity to Capital of Iran (Tehran about 360 km).
  • Proximity to 5 power plans.
  • Possession of main infrastructure.