Ben Gurion Airport

Ben Gurion Airport, Israel 简体中文:本古里安机场,以色列 한국어: 벤 구리온 국제공항, 이스라엘 日本語: ベン・グリオン国際空港、イスラエル ไทย: ท่าอากาศยานเบนกูร์อียอน, อิสราเอล हिन्दी: बेन गुरियॉन हवाई अड्डा, इजरायल বাংলা: বেন গুরিয়ন বিমানবন্দর, ইসরায়েল русский: Аэропорт Бен-Гурион, Израиль العربية: مطار بن غوريون، إسرائيل

Israel - בן גוריון ערפּאָרט

Ben Gurion Airport is the main international airport of Israel. The airport is located on the northern outskirts of the city of Lod, about 45 km northwest of Jerusalem and 20 km southeast of Tel Aviv.

Swissport provides airport ground services, passenger services, executive aviation services, operates five lounges, and manages one modern air cargo warehouse at the airport. The company has been serving airlines at Ben Gurion Airport since 1996.

Additional Details for Ben Gurion Airport

  • Runway: Three: 4,062 m, 3,112 m & 2,772 m
  • International destinations: London, Barcelona, Istanbul, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Chicago

Cargo services at Ben Gurion Airport

  • General and Special Cargo Handling
  • Temperature controlled Handling
  • Express Services
  • Forwarder Handling
  • General and Special Cargo

The airport has evolved and prospered over time, with passenger and air traffic figures constantly rising. In the 1990s the IAA recognised the fact that the old Terminal 1 was no longer capable of handling the increasing passenger traffic, and a joint decision was made with the Minister of Transport to build a new terminal with higher capacity – Terminal 3.  The Airport has two main terminals: Terminal 3 for international flights and Terminal 1 for domestic and low-cost international flights.  

The airport is a modern facility, equipped with state-of-the-art technological installations and operational facilities that meet international standards. The airport is accessible to disabled passengers and provides passenger service and special VIP services. The safety and security measures implemented at the Airport meet the highest global standards and air traffic safety is top priority.

Ground/Cargo Handlers
  • Swissport
  • Iberia
  • Arkia Israeli Airlines
  • Laufer Aviation – GHI Ltd.
  • El Al
  • Aerohandling Ltd
  • Q.A.S. Quality Airport Services Israel
  • Universal Aviation
  • Lufthansa Cargo
Fuel & Oil Suppliers servicing Ben Gurion  Airport


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