Port of Haifa

The Port of Haifa is the largest, leading port in Israel. It also serves as a regional transshipment hub. The port is located in a natural, protected bay. It consists of numerous terminals, enabling handling all kinds of cargoes as well as receiving large passenger ships. The Port is operated by the Haifa Port Company. This is a government corporation committed to continue operating as a growth engine for Israel’s economy and as a source of livelihood for the tens of thousands of employees and workers in the various circles operating in the Port.

The terminals of the port enable entry of huge cargo ships and transportation of any type of freight. These includes containers, general freight, bulk, grains, chemicals, vehicles, fuel and roll on/roll off ships.

Additional Details

  • Total area: 70 hectares
  • Cargo throughput: 29.5 millions tone (2018)
  • Container Capacity: 1.4 TEUs annually
  • Draft / maximum vessel size: 15.5 metres