Ajman Free Zone

United Arab Emirates – منطقة عجمان الحرة Ajman Free Zone (AFZA) is a free trade zone in Ajman, United Arab Emirates. First established in 1988, it is one of a number of unbonded free zones in the UAE offering offshore company setup and operation to investors. As of Q1 2018, 12,362 companies operated out of …

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Tafeileh Industrial Estate

Tafeileh Industrial Estate is the new addition to the industrial estate portfolio of Jordan Industrial Estates Company. In this case the location is further south and closer to Aqaba Port. Additional Details Key industrial sectors: food, pharmaceutical, engineering and metallurgy, chemical, paper, packaging and light industries

Al-Salt Industrial Estate

Jordan – منطقة السلط الصناعية Al-Salt Industrial Estate is located at ​​Balqa Governorate on a plot of 47 hectares. A number of small scale manufacturers have agreed to set up operations there. It is planned to contribute positively to the economy and create around 1,600 job opportunities. It is strategically located near the human resources …

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Madaba Industrial Estate

Madaba Industrial Estate is a new estate that was earmarked for development in 2016. It is expected that once the first phase is complete it will provide jobs for around 2,500 workers. As of the end of 2019 around 30 applications have been received to set up in the estate. Additional Details Total area: First …

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Al-Mafraq Industrial Estate

Jordan – منطقة المفرق الصناعية Al-Mafraq Industrial Estate is located within the King Hussein Bin Talal Development Area (KHBTDA) in Mafraq. The estate was launched in 2016. The estate is situated 60 kilometres to the northeast of Jordan‘s capital Amman. It isat the nexus of a modern highway network connecting Jordan with Syria, Iraq and …

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Al Muwaqar Development Zone

Jordan – منطقة الموقر الصناعية Al Muwaqar Development Zone stands out due to  its strategic location along the international highway that links Jordan with Iraq and Saudi Arabia. The estate is 12 Km east of Al Muwaqar town, 24 km south east of Abdullah II Industrial Estate in Sahab and 340 Km away from Aqaba …

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Al-Hassan Industrial Estate

Jordan – مدينة الحسن الصناعية Al-Hassan Industrial Estate is the first and largest Qualifying Industrial Zone in Jordan. These zones allow free tariffs into the USA based on a certain value added and Israeli manufactured quotient. Al-Hassan Industrial Estate is located 72 km from the capital Amman and also close to the Israeli border. There …

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Aqaba Port

Jordan – ميناء العقبة Aqaba Port Authority was established in 1952 by a royal decree in Jordan. It took its present name (Aqaba Ports Corporation, APC) in 1978.  APC is a  governmental body with an independent character responsible for establishing, developing, maintaining and operating port activities (receiving of ships, handling and storing cargo). Aqaba Port’s …

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PBI Aqaba Industrial Estate

PBI Aqaba Industrial Estate is the safest and most secure base of operations in the Middle East. Aqaba with its strategic geographic location, Aqaba seaport, an international airport and developed road network. In addition, being a special economic zone is playing major role in making PBI Aqaba Industrial Estate an attractive location, these advantages include …

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