Altanbulag Free Zone

Mongolia – Алтанбулаг чөлөөт бүс Altanbulag Free Zone is on the border with Russia. It was established with purposes of attracting tourism and investment in Mongolia. The zone claims that 108 entities have registered in Altanbulag. However, only a few of them are actively running their operations due to the poor infrastructure. Brief History of …

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Buyant Ukhaa International Airport

Mongolia – Буянт Ухаа олон улсын нисэх онгоцны буудал Buyant-Ukhaa International Airport is the international airport serving Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. It is situated 18 km southwest of the capital. It is due to be replaced by a new airport that is to obtain Buyant-Ukhaa’s previous name of Chinggis Khaan International Airport. Additional Details Runway: 3,100 metres …

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Zamyn-Uud Free Trade Zone

Zamyn-Uud Free Trade Zone is located in Zamyn-Uud border point town with China in the southern part of Mongolia. It is situated in 780 km from Ulaan Baatar, the capital city of Mongolia. It is just 8 km from Erlian town of China. The population of Zamyn-Uud is around 12,000. Although officially set up in …

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