Chabahar Free Zone

Iran - منطقه آزاد چابهار

Chabahar Free Zone Iran

Chabahar Free Zone is an Iranian free trade zone which was established in 1992. Its creation was in order to use global expertise as a tool for the development of the country. This was to accelerate the accomplishment of infrastructure. Creation of employment, and representation in global markets.

The Chabahar Free Zone is strategically located on the Arabian Sea.  It therefore has good access to India, UAE and routes to Europe and South East Asia. The free zone has plans for the development of specialized industrial parks. This is with participation of private sector in the fields of industry, logistics, education, healthcare, tourism. A logistics industrial park is expected in the future.

Additional Details

  • Natural gas: Natural Gas pipeline is being extended to Chabahar.
  • Tax incentives: 100% income and corporate tax exemption for 20 years. Duty exemption for importing of raw materials and machinery for manufacturing units and construction purposes
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Chabahar city with an area of nearly 17,150 square kilometers and a population of over 200 thousand people is situated in the province of Sistan and Balochistan in the most southern point of the east on the shore of Oman Sea, in the nearest distance with the open waters such as Indian Ocean, it is the only oceanic port of Iran. The position of the bay in this port and also existence of deep waters and natural cuts. This has created a special space for jetties with great depth and desirable harbor for berthing of large ships. This port has the capability of transformation into a mega port. 

Chabahar is the Iran’s eastern transit gate and it is seen as a strategic region for the development of transit industry. This distinctive feature is not observed in other southern coastal areas of Iran and even in the Persian Gulf states.

Chabahar Port

It  is necessary to look at the special geographic position of southeastern part of Iran. Especially the Chabahar Port from the view point of national interests in order to boost and reinforce economic communication with neighboring and Central Asia countries. This is in the realm of trade exchanges using natural capacities and the potential provided by the Chabahar Free Trade Zone organization.

Doing so, we will endeavor to fulfill remarkable goals including removal of deprivation, economic development, presence in global markets, creation of reproductive jobs, exportation of industrial and provision of general services (as mentioned in article one of “Administration of Free Trade-Industrial Zones of the Islamic Republic of Iran)”.

About 50 percent of global transportation of goods (or shipments) is carried out in the Far East, as declared by the U.N. transportation surveyors. Two transportation corridors pass Iran among three global ones which Chbabahr is the southernmost part of east-west corridor.

This journey of goods (or shipments) is started from the beginning of Silk Road in China. It nourishes its economic core, i.e. Canton and joins the south eastern Asian countries. Then arrives India while covering the transportation in its main cities. These include Calcutta, Nakpoor, Jaipoor, Hasir Abad, Karachi, Ben Ghasem and finally arrives the Chabahar.

From the viewpoints of experts, Chabahar port is the intersection of south- north and east-west corridors around the world. This characteristic is an inevitably considerable privilege of the eastern part of the state.