Dammam Third Industrial City

Dammam Third Industrial City المدينة الصناعية الثالثة بالدمام Saudi Arabia サウジアラビア ダッマム だいさん こうぎょうだんち 사우디아라비아 담맘 제3 산업단지 沙特阿拉伯达曼 第三 工业园区 Саудовская Аравия, Дамман, Третий Индустриальный город

Saudi Arabia - المدينة الصناعية الثالثة بالدمام

Dammam Third Industrial City was constructed in 2012 and covers an area of up to 48 million square metres. It is strategically located south of the city of Dammam about 45 km from King Abdulaziz Port Dammam. It is also directly connected  to the Dammam railway track which allows for overland shipment. The location is also convenient for transport to Bahrain. Dammam Third Industrial City is also located close to the oil and gas processing areas and areas of abundant raw materials.

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Details regarding Dammam Third Industrial City

Total area: 4,800 hectares
Date of Creation: 2012
Location: South of Dhahran, on the Eastern Coastal Road leading to Salwa and 5 km south of Half Moon Bay
Total Area: 48,000,000m²
Developed Area: 10 million m2
Factories Count: 176 industrial and service contracts (including those in operation and those under implementation)
Distance to the nearest airport: 91 km to King Fahd International Airport
Nearest railway station: 70 km to Dammam Railway Station
Distance to the nearest port: 80 km
Capacity of drinking water: 6,000m3
Sewage treatment plants: 10,000m3

Industrial activity
No. of Factories
Service contracts3
Other manufacturing industries11
Food products10
Machinery and equipment not elsewhere classified12
Computers, electronic and optical products3

Wood and products of wood and cork (except furniture)

Articles of straw and plaiting materials

Basic metals6
Electrical equipment18
Chemicals and chemical products35
Paper and paper products4
Coke and refined petroleum products1
Rubber and plastic products20
Other non-metallic mineral products6
Fabricated metal products (except machinery and equipment)35​


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