Jeddah First Industrial City

مدينة جدة الصناعية الأولى제다 제 1 산업 도시 吉达第一工业城市 ジェッダ第一産業都市

Saudi Arabia - مدينة جدة الصناعية الأولى

Jeddah First Industrial City, established in 1973, stands as a premier industrial hub in Saudi Arabia. Spanning over 12 million square meters, this expansive city accommodates a diverse range of industries, making it a significant contributor to the nation’s economic growth.

A Vast Industrial Landscape for Jeddah First Industrial City

Covering an impressive total area of more than 12 million square meters, Jeddah First Industrial City has evolved into a vast and dynamic industrial zone over the years. Its extensive space offers ample opportunities for various businesses to establish and expand their operations efficiently.

Jeddah First Industrial City hosts an array of industries, showcasing its versatility and adaptability. Among the notable sectors thriving in the city are food and beverages, logistics, manufacturing, and more. This diverse mix of industries fosters a thriving and integrated economic ecosystem.

Promoting Industrial Diversity

With an emphasis on fostering industrial diversity, Jeddah First Industrial City has become a haven for businesses from different sectors. This strategic approach promotes synergy among various industries, facilitating collaboration and resource-sharing, leading to increased productivity.

Jeddah First Industrial City has emerged as a key center for food and beverages industries in Saudi Arabia. The city’s strategic location and robust infrastructure attract prominent players in the sector, contributing significantly to the nation’s food production and distribution capabilities.

Recognizing the importance of efficient logistics, Jeddah First Industrial City has invested in state-of-the-art facilities to support seamless supply chain operations. The city’s well-developed logistics infrastructure ensures timely and cost-effective movement of goods, further bolstering its industrial appeal.

Notable Tenants

Jeddah First Industrial City is home to numerous renowned industrial tenants, including:

ABC Food Manufacturing Co.
TechLogistics Group
Al-Rajhi Steel Industries
SABIC – Saudi Basic Industries Corporation
Almarai Company

. It is located 5 kilometres south of Jeddah and 13 km from Jeddah Islamic Seaport.

Additional Details for Jeddah First Industrial City

  • Total area: 1,200 hectares
  • Key industrial sectors: Vehicles and Trailers – Manufacture of rubber and plastic products – Refined petroleum products – Chemical materials and products – Medical Industries
  • Wastewater treatment: 25,000 cu. m
  • Water supply: 20,000 cu m
  • Seaport: 13 km to Jeddah Islamic Seaport
  • Airport: 45 km to King Abdul Aziz International Airport
  • Vocational training facilities: Institute of Arab Academy for Fire, Safety and Industrial Security Higher Training , Institute of Arab Academy for Fire, Safety and Industrial Security Higher Training, Institute of Higher Applied Printing for Training.
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