Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung

Indonesia - Kawasan Industri Jakarta Pulogadung

Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung 雅加达普洛加东工业区 ジャカルタ工業地域プロガドゥン منطقة جاكرتا الصناعية بولوجادونغ 자카르타 산업단지 풀로가둥

Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung (PT JIEP), being the first industrial estate in Indonesia, boasts a strategic location with convenient access to transport and distribution networks throughout the capital city, Jakarta. Currently, PT JIEP is jointly owned, with a composition of shareholders comprising 50% ownership by the Republic of Indonesia and 50% by the Government of DKI Jakarta.

Large site area

The expansive Pulogadung Industrial Zone spans around 425 hectares, offering a diverse range of industrial land plots tailored to meet various requirements, with sizes ranging from 5,000m2 to 1 ha. This flexibility in land options ensures businesses can find suitable spaces to cater to their specific needs.

To cater to the demands of entrepreneurs engaged in high-tech industries, PT JIEP provides ready-to-use factory buildings, simplifying the setup process and accelerating business operations. These facilities are equipped with modern amenities, facilitating seamless production and increasing operational efficiency.

Warehousing at Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung

Furthermore, PT JIEP offers well-maintained warehouse spaces, providing an optimal solution for storage, processing, sorting, wrapping, and packing of goods intended for shipment. These warehouses meet high standards and are strategically located within the industrial area, surrounded by greenery, contributing to a conducive and environmentally-friendly work environment.

The comprehensive range of offerings by PT JIEP ensures that industries operating within the Pulogadung Industrial Zone can benefit from an efficient and well-equipped ecosystem. The strategic location of the estate, combined with its diverse land plot options and modern facilities, makes it an ideal destination for businesses seeking a thriving industrial environment within Jakarta.

As PT JIEP continues to foster growth and support businesses across various sectors, it remains committed to maintaining its position as a premier industrial estate, facilitating economic development and contributing to Indonesia’s industrial progress. With its strategic location, well-designed infrastructure, and variety of offerings, PT JIEP continues to play a vital role in driving economic growth in the region and enhancing Indonesia’s industrial landscape.

Additional Details for Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung

  • Total area: 429 hectares
  • Land available: 4 hectares
  • Plot sizes: Min 5,000 sqm to 10,000 sqm
  • Internal road system: Main Road (width) 26m Secondary Road (width) 16m
  • Seaport: 16 km (Tanjung Priok Harbour)
  • Commercial space: Retail: Size 45 – 286 sqm range
Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung
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Key Tenants at Jakarta Industrial Estate Pulogadung

Ekamant Indonesia PT

PT. Ekamant Indonesia, a subsidiary of the Swedish Ekamant Group, has established itself as a leading innovator in sandpaper technology. With production and R&D facilities in Markaryd, Sweden, and subsidiaries across Europe, Indonesia, and China, Ekamant is renowned for its high-quality products. PT. Ekamant Indonesia, headquartered in Jakarta with branches in various industrial centers, offers world-class sandpaper products and services for the timber, automotive, metal, and interior finishing industries. Since its introduction to Indonesia in 1992, the company has expanded significantly, driven by sophisticated equipment and a dedicated marketing team. PT. Ekamant Indonesia joined the Converting & Abrasive Industry Association of Indonesia in 2013, contributing to industry growth and government collaboration. With over 25 years of experience, the company remains committed to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Etana Biotechnologies Indonesia

Established in 2014, PT Etana Biotechnologies Indonesia (Etana) is a rising producer of high-quality, affordable, and innovative biopharmaceuticals targeting metabolic, autoimmune, and life-threatening diseases, including cancer. Etana’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, spanning 6,400 sq.m., was designed by NNE Pharmaplan to meet cGMP, PIC/S, and EU GMP standards. The factory passed GMP audits by the Indonesian National Agency of Drug and Food Control (BPOM) and received GMP certification in December 2019. Equipped with advanced technology, Etana’s facilities adhere to global regulatory requirements and are capable of producing biosimilar sterile solutions in prefilled syringes, with plans for vial and cartridge production. Etana is dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable biopharmaceutical products for patients with major medical conditions.

PT.Metinca Prima Industrial Works

PT. Metinca Prima Industrial Works, established in 1986 in Jakarta’s Pulogadung Industrial Estate, is a trailblazer in Indonesia’s casting industry. As a privately-owned company, Metinca specializes in high-quality ferrous and non-ferrous castings, providing a broad customer base with greater choice. Their vision is to create valuable, environmentally safe investment castings, and their mission emphasizes technological development, reliable human resources, and a collaborative working environment.

Metinca operates three foundries, including the Pulogadung Foundry, which covers 0.6 hectares and employs around 300 workers. The facility is equipped with advanced technology, including wax injection and assembly machines for casting up to 83 kg, a steam dewaxing machine, and five sintering ovens heated by both elements and natural gas. Multiple furnaces with capacities ranging from 30 kg to 300 kg support their production. Additionally, the foundry has shotblast and hand blast machines for finishing.

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