Jazan Economic City

Jazan Economic City (JEC) is one of the four intelligent cities to be developed in Saudi Arabia. JEC is located close to Saudi Arabia’s border with Yemen, 60km northwest of Jazan City. It spans an area of 100 square kilometres and is expected to host a population of 500,000 people.

The main economic sectors in JEC are heavy and secondary industries primarily based on the petrochemical sector with a 400,000 bpd refinery operated by Saudi Aramco now in operation. The industrial products of Jazan Economic City are expected to be exported to Asia, Africa and Europe with a new seaport and dry dock to be constructed for this purpose.

The city will also contain a large residential and commercial area as well as a sector for educational purposes. Given the size and scope of the project it is not expected to be completed until 2037. Jazan city itself has a population of over 1.5 million in its metropolitan area.

Additional Details

  • Total area: 10,200 hectares (total development)
  • Key industrial sectors: Secondary and downstream industries of Petroleum Refining/processing, Steel Manufacturing and Titanium Processing