Karachi Port

Karachi Port lies on a strategic point along the 600 miles long coastline which stretches from the straits of Hormuz to the border with India.

It has an ideal location and well-developed connections with Afghanistan, Central Asia and Western China. KPT has consistently maximizes this potential with enlightened policies.

Karachi port provides 24/7 safe navigation to the port traffic includes tankers, modern container vessels, bulk carriers and general cargo ships up to 75,000 DWT. The port has 30 dry cargo and 3 liquid cargo handling berths. This includes a privately operated container terminal – Karachi International Container Terminal (KICT) which is fully equipped with all modern technologies. The port is facilitating around 1,600 ships annually. There is enough capacity to handle more cargo as the current occupancy is around 45% only.

Additional Details

  • Cargo throughput: 26 million tons per year
  • Draft / maximum vessel size: 75,000 DWT
  • Container cranes: Six gantry carnes