Kuala Tanjung Industrial Estate

  • Kuala Tanjung Port is designated as an international hub for the western region of Indonesia in accordance with Indonesian Presidential Regulation No. 26/2012, and has been designated as a National Strategic Project.
  • The Kuala Tanjung Industrial Estate has several advantages including strategic location, located in the Malacca Strait, has large enough land to accommodate huge-scale industries, access to a deep sea port that can serve the huge size vessels, and the use of basic infrastructure and facilities with together.
  • As a gateway to Sumatra island, Kuala Tanjung will increase the region’s economic by lowering logistics costs so that will get increasing efficiency.
  • For development area is divided into 4 stages are:

          1. Developing multipurpose station (2015 – 2019)

          2. Developing industrial area (2015 – 2030)

          3. Developing international hub (2030 – 2040)

          4. Developing Kuala Tanjung as integrated urban area (2040 – 2050)

Additional Details

  • Total area: 3,400 hectares