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Indonesia - Kawasan Industri Kuala Tanjung

Kawasan Industri Kuala Tanjung industrial estate Kawasan Industri Kuala Tanjung, Indonesia, sewa, jual, tanah rent land buy sale 吉隆坡丹绒工业园区,印度尼西亚,租赁,销售,土地 쿠알라 탄중 산업 지구, 인도네시아, 임대, 판매, 토지 クアラ・タンジュン工業団地、インドネシア、賃貸、売却、土地 Промышленная зона Куала-Танджун, Индонезия, аренда, продажа, земля

Integrated with the Multi-Purpose Terminal, Kuala Tanjung Industrial Estate forms a crucial part of the comprehensive Kuala Tanjung development. Several industries are already established in the area, including aluminum processing by PT Inalum, edible oil processing by PT. Multimas Nabati Asahan, and palm oil processing by PT. Domba Mas, PT. Dairi Prima, and PT. AAA.

Sitting adjacent to the international trade hub, the Malacca Strait, Kuala Tanjung Industrial Estate stands as a gateway to global economic transactions. Its proximity—approximately 110 km from Medan City, 152 km from Belawan Harbor, 43 km from Sei Mangkei Special Economic Zone, and 116 km from Kualanamu International Airport—positions Kuala Tanjung Industrial Estate as a pivotal shipping line in Indonesia. This strategic location is complemented by abundant plantations and raw materials, robust government support, a skilled workforce, and integration with essential seaport and infrastructure facilities.

Transportation and Logistics Hub at Kuala Tanjung Industrial Estate

The availability of efficient logistics transportation facilities, supported by multipurpose terminals and railway connections to the Sei Mangkei Special Economic Zone, solidifies Kuala Tanjung Industrial Estate’s status as an Indonesian industrial haven. This comprehensive setup attracts diverse industries, positioning the estate as a central hub for sustainable green enterprises, logistics, and high-value trading activities.

Located within Batubara Regency, North Sumatra Province, Kuala Tanjung Industrial Estate’s original designation as a Western International Port Hub has evolved into a multifaceted area encompassing various industries and vital facilities. Its strategic geographical placement along the Strait of Malacca presents the estate with immense potential to flourish as a robust industrial zone and advanced port, positioning it as a formidable competitor to Jakarta’s Tanjung Priok area.

Wahyu Ario Pratomo, an Economic Observer from the University of North Sumatra, emphasizes Kuala Tanjung Industrial Estate’s pivotal role in boosting economic growth within Coal Regency and North Sumatra Province. The development of this area could pave the way for new business opportunities, increased employment, and a more vibrant local economy.

A Catalyst for Growth

Senior Economic Observer Prof. Bachtiar Hasan Miraza concurs that Kuala Tanjung Industrial Estate possesses the potential to stimulate new industries, generate employment, and invigorate North Sumatra’s economy. Supported by robust agriculture, plantations, and transportation infrastructure, the estate’s growth can trigger a positive multiplier effect, enhancing various sectors such as trade, hospitality, real estate, and services.

A Conducive Environment at Kuala Tanjung Industrial Estate

However, the realization of Kuala Tanjung’s potential hinges on the availability of adequate infrastructure, facilities, and government incentives. Both observers emphasize the significance of regulatory clarity, favorable licensing conditions, taxation incentives, and guaranteed access to raw materials.

Leveraging established companies within Kuala Tanjung can act as a catalyst for attracting new investors, creating a positive cycle of growth. Collaboration between the government and private sector, backed by a supportive regulatory environment, is critical in fostering a thriving business ecosystem within Kuala Tanjung Industrial Estate.

Kuala Tanjung Industrial Estate’s strategic location, abundant resources, and government support create a fertile ground for economic growth. With the right policies, incentives, and infrastructure, this industrial haven can flourish, benefiting North Sumatra and Indonesia’s economy at large.

Additional Details

  • Total area: 3,400 hectares
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