Kualanamu International Airport (Medan)

Bandar Udara Internasional Kualanamu, Medan Kualanamu International Airport, Medan Bandar Udara Internasional Kualanamu, Medan 吉隆坡国际机场,棉兰 쿠알라나무 국제공항, 메단 クアラナム国際空港、メダン مطار كوالانامو الدولي، ميدان Международный аэропорт Куаланаму, Медан

Indonesia - Bandar Udara Internasional Kualanamu (Medan)

Kualanamu International Airport, also known as Kuala Namu Airport (IATA: KNO; ICAO: WIMM), stands as a pivotal gateway serving Medan, Indonesia, and the broader North Sumatra region. Notably, it’s located in Deli Serdang Regency, approximately 23 kilometers east of the city center of Medan. Recognized as the third-largest airport in Indonesia, following Jakarta Soekarno–Hatta and Bandung Kertajati, Kualanamu Airport plays a significant role in the country’s aviation landscape, serving both domestic and international flights.

This international airport commenced its operations on the 25th of July, 2013, taking over all flights and services that were previously managed by the now-defunct Polonia International Airport. The decision to establish Kualanamu Airport emerged due to safety concerns surrounding Polonia’s location, situated amidst the urban center of Medan. The airport’s foundation was laid upon the site of a former oil palm plantation owned by Perkebunan Nusantara II Tanjung Morawa.

Kualanamu International Airport (Medan): Integral to Indonesia’s Economic Masterplan

Kualanamu Airport, a manifestation of the Indonesian central government’s “Masterplan to Accelerate and Expand Economic Development in Indonesia” (MP3EI), was strategically crafted to serve as a new international transit hub in Sumatra and western Indonesia. Furthermore, it was a prospective candidate for ASEAN Single Aviation Market (ASEAN-SAM), an open skies policy aimed at fostering collaboration among member-countries in Southeast Asia.

Spanning an area of 1,365 hectares, Kualanamu Airport boasts a single 3,750-meter runway equipped to accommodate wide-body aircraft, including renowned models like the Airbus A380, Boeing 747-8, and Antonov 225. The airport’s infrastructure is well-equipped, featuring an apron area capable of handling 33 aircraft, and a remarkable cargo area spanning 13,000 square meters, primed to manage 65,000 tonnes per annum. Moreover, with a passenger terminal encompassing a staggering 224,298 square meters, the airport is well-poised to serve a capacity of 22 million passengers by 2030.

Strategic Connectivity and Cargo Operations at Kualanamu International Airport (Medan)

As an indispensable hub for both passenger and cargo operations, Kualanamu Airport offers exceptional connectivity within Indonesia and beyond. It is situated 37 kilometers from Medan City, accessible via various transportation modes, including buses, trains, car rentals, and ride-sharing services like Grab Cars. Additionally, the airport holds the distinction of providing a publicly accessible check-in area, contributing to enhanced convenience for travelers.

In terms of cargo operations, Kualanamu Airport has a cargo apron with the capacity to accommodate three wide-body aircraft. Its cargo development plan entails a three-phase approach, with the ultimate expansion poised to cover a sprawling area of 27,318 square meters. This underscores the airport’s commitment to bolstering its cargo-handling capabilities and playing a pivotal role in supporting Indonesia’s trade and commerce.

Kualanamu International Airport stands as a beacon of modern aviation infrastructure in Indonesia, seamlessly integrating passenger and cargo operations. Its strategic location, state-of-the-art facilities, and ambitious expansion plans solidify its position as a vital node in Indonesia’s economic development. With its eyes set on the future, Kualanamu Airport is poised to soar to new heights, both in terms of connectivity and cargo operations, contributing significantly to the growth and prosperity of the region.

Additional Details

  • Runway: 3,750 metres
  • International destinations: Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Penang
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