Le Minh Xuan Industrial Park

Le Minh Xuan Industrial park Công Nghiệp Khu Công Nghiệp Lê Minh Xuân, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam 乐明轩工业园,胡志明市,越南 르민훤 산업 공원, 호치민시, 베트남 レ・ミン・スアン産業団地、ホーチミン市、ベトナム ले मिन श्वेत औद्योगिक पार्क, हो चि मिन्ह शहर, वियतनाम منطقة لي مينه شوان الصناعية، مدينة هو تشي مينه، فيتنام הפארק התעשייתי לה מין סואן, הו צ'י מין סיטי, וייטנאם লে মিন শুয়ান শিল্প পার্ক, হো চি মিন সিটি, ভিয়েতনাম Промышленный парк Ле Минь Суан, Хошимин, Вьетнам

Vietnam - Công Nghiệp Khu Công Nghiệp Lê Minh Xuân

Situated in the vibrant heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s economic nucleus, Le Minh Xuan Industrial Park presents an ideal landscape for industry growth. Spanning an expansive 311 hectares, this industrial park stands as a testament to Vietnam’s economic prowess and skilled workforce. Boasting a history of over two decades, Le Minh Xuan Industrial Park has evolved into a powerhouse, nurturing an array of light industries.

Nestled within Ho Chi Minh City’s Binh Chanh district, Le Minh Xuan  occupies a strategic crossroads between two crucial economic realms: the developed urban landscape of Ho Chi Minh City and the fertile Mekong Delta. This advantageous positioning empowers seamless domestic and international trade and transportation, facilitated by robust infrastructure.

Infrastructure and Connectivity: Your Business Edge

The Industrial Park benefits from excellent transportation links, including proximity to Binh Tan District and Ten Lua Residential Area. The presence of the Vietnam-Japan Hospital and direct connections to key roads like Vanh Dai 3 and Vo Van Ngan Road enhance accessibility. Moreover, it’s just a short drive to Tan Son Nhat Airport and Cat Lai Port, ensuring efficient global connectivity.

The Park prioritizes reliability in utility services. A robust on-site power station with a capacity of 3 x 63 MVA ensures stable electricity supply. Clean water, sourced from the SAWACO Binh Chanh Water Plant, adheres to stringent quality standards. Wastewater treatment follows Grade B standards, contributing to an eco-friendly environment.

A Vision for Growth and Success

The Industrial Park aligns with Vietnam’s rapid industrial development. It hosts a range of amenities, including a logistics center, dormitories, markets, and more. The provision of ready-built factories and warehouses caters to diverse business needs. Le Minh Xuan stands as a beacon of industry, consistently adapting to the evolving business landscape.

Le Minh Xuan Industrial Park’s legacy is marked by continual growth. Established in 1997, it has blossomed into a sprawling complex, now covering nearly 700 hectares. With phases 1 and 2 fully occupied, phase 3, spanning 231.25 hectares, remains available for visionary enterprises seeking to harness Vietnam’s potential.

Business Diversity at Le Minh Xuan Industrial Park

The Industrial Park supports a diverse array of industries, including the manufacturing of computer and electronic products, electrical equipment, food products, pharmaceuticals, and more. Its flexibility accommodates the needs of various sectors, reflecting Vietnam’s dynamic economy.

Le Minh Xuan Industrial Park represents Vietnam’s industrial transformation. With strategic location, robust infrastructure, and comprehensive services, it offers an ecosystem conducive to business expansion. As Vietnam propels itself onto the global stage, the Industrial Park continues to be a cornerstone of its success.


Additional Details for Le Minh Xuan Industrial Park

  • Land tenure: Lease expiry 2047
  • Developer: Khanh Phúc House Trading Investment Company Limited
  • Year opened: 1997
  • Water supply: 7,000 m3/day 
  • Seaport: Cat Lai Port 38km 
  • Airport: Tan Son Nhat International Airport 24km 
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