Multan Industrial Estate

Multan Industrial Estate (MIE) started in the 1960’s with approval obtained by the Provincial Government. This was to establish an Industrial Estate in the south of Punjab and 1410 acres of land was acquired for this purpose. However, Government of Punjab decided to develop it into two phases.

Phase-I comprising of 743 acres was developed & completed in 1980’s. Whereas, 667 acres were planned to be developed subsequently as phase-II. All plots in phase-I were leased out for a period of 99 years to industrialists and some government institutions.

In 2004, the Government of Punjab (GoP) formally handed over MIE to Punjab Industrial Estates in order to revive industrial activity. GoP spent 100m Rp for gradation of the infrastructure and the same amount was contributed by PIEDMC.


Encouraged by the response of up-gradation work in Phase-I, PIEDMC developed infrastructure work for Phase-II in September 2006.

It is located adjacent to Phase-I at a distance of approximately 17 km south west of Multan City. Phase-II spreads over an area of 667 Acres having 349 plots.

Multan Industrial Estate is led by a Board of Management. This belongs to private sector representing various industrial segments of the estate and the rest representing the Government.

Additional Details

  • Total area: Phase II – 667 acres
  • Plot sizes: 0.5-2 acres, larger plots available
  • Key industrial sectors: Steel, Ginning, Pesticide, Food processing, Paper & Board, Wood products, Dyeing, Chemicals
  • Water supply: Tube Well System
  • Telecommunications: Telephone Lines with Broadband wireless internet connectivity
  • Security: Secured Boundary Wall with controlled entry and exit with internal patrolling
  • Seaport: River Chenab 13 km